Why are my Instagram stories blurry?

Content Creators, Celebrities, influencers, and all the users share their ideas via videos on Instagram because this app has become a wide social media platform. If you are using Instagram then you are also aware of the fact that the audience only loves content of high quality. Every Instagram user especially when he is a known personality always tries to provide high resolutions content to target the audience. Although IG story is ephemeral but creates a huge impact on the people.

Nowadays, reposting an Insta story has become a trend to advertise or praise something. But if the story is blurred, the next person will think twice when re-posting it and the audience will not want to download Insta story like this.

I have seen this query on the internet many times that the story has blurry after uploading. What’s the reason? There are a lot of reasons like a low-quality camera, internet connection issues, outdated application, or anything. But I am here to solve your problem, so let’s take a look and read the given information.