Why are my apps crashing

Why are my apps crashing

Why do my apps crash on my phone? Why do the apps crash? Sloppy code. According to Janzen, most application crashes are simply due to programming errors, usually when a programmer uses a non-existent object or variable. Uneven connection. Memory management.

Why does the app keep crashing or freezing?

There are several reasons why applications keep crashing or crashing. An application may stop responding or crash if it is not updated. Many applications work much better if you have a reliable internet connection. Another thing is that the application is poorly written. If there is not enough free space on your Android device, the applications may not work properly.

Why does my phone keep closing apps?

According to Apple, the main reason for the unexpected closing of apps is that the device is running out of memory for apps, which is a bigger problem for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G as only 128MB of storage was available for each of them.

Why does my Pandora app keep crashing?

Pandora may crash due to application firmware issues. So press the power button and reboot your phone.

Why do Android apps keep closing?

Dragging apps from recent tasks will stop caching those apps. Launching them later will take longer and much more CPU cycles to create a process and reset the application to start. In short, don't worry about closing apps quickly.

What causes Android apps to stop working?

An application may stop responding or crash if it is not updated. Many applications work much better if you have a good internet connection. Another thing is that the application is poorly written. If there is not enough free space on your Android device, the applications may not work properly.

What causes apps to stop?

Internet connection. Poor and slow internet connection can cause the app to crash or crash. This usually happens with poorly coded applications. Some applications work well with a stable and reliable internet connection, for example if you are connected to your home or work Wi-Fi network.

Why do my apps crash on my phone video

Many factors can cause applications to crash: errors, too many applications open at once, insufficient memory on the phone, etc. This is why your apps crash and what to do about it. Sometimes it's not your phone that causes your apps to crash.

:brown_circle: Why does the app keep crashing or freezing screen

If there is not enough free space on your Android device, the applications may not work properly. It is very important to clear your application cache and data from time to time, especially with applications that you use frequently. If you haven't done this in a while, the app will misbehave. A software bug can also cause the problem.

Why does my iPhone keep crashing after iOS 14 update?

You can also try blocking iOS 14 updates when they reset network settings. This reset is used when applications have problems due to network issues. Be it your wifi or a simple connection issue, this method can fix it.

What to do if your app won't update?

Application developers usually solve the problem by releasing a new version of the application. Therefore, all you need to do is check for application updates. To check for application updates, do the following:
Step 1 : First, go to the App Store on your device.
Step 2 : Then click the Refresh button at the bottom of the screens.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Why is my YouTube app crashing on my Android?

Applications running on the Internet may crash due to connectivity issues. So resetting the network settings once can be a great solution if YouTube is stuck on your Android device. This will erase all your network settings such as Wi-Fi passwords, etc.

Why are my Apps closing in the background?

Android users found that their phones showed app warnings that kept closing and all apps were affected, including those running in the background. Some of the affected users found that removing Android System WebView from their devices immediately fixes the problem, although a reboot is still required.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Why does my app keep crashing on my iPhone?

It should be noted that updating the application itself sometimes leads to crashes. If updating the application does not solve your problem and you have downloaded and installed the latest iOS on your iPhone, please report the problem to the application developer and consider updating. Try the following solutions.

:brown_circle: What to do when apps keep crashing and freezing?

Step 1 .Open Settings and click Applications.
Step 2. In the list of applications that appears, select the application that is causing the problem.
Step 3. Click Storage > Clear Data or Clear Cache. Settings 2. Free up space on the device memory. The more space on the device runs out, the more often this happens.

What should I do if my Samsung phone keeps crashing?

Clearing the app data and cache will clear all saved data and may fix the crashing issue. This will delete your accounts, files and app settings.
Step 1 .Open Settings and click Applications.
Step 2. In the list of applications that appears, select the application that is causing the problem.
Step 3. Click Storage > Clear Data or Clear Cache.

Why does the app keep crashing or freezing up iphone

Outdated apps on your iPhone 8 can also cause iPhone 8 to crash, so update and keep all apps up to date. Go to App Store > Updates > update all applications to the new version. 3. Check third-party applications.

:brown_circle: What to do if your app is freezing on your iPhone?

So updating the faulty app on iPhone or iOS might fix the problem. In the App Store, tap Updates, download and install available updates for an app that crashes or closes unexpectedly. After installation, check again if the app on your iPhone is working properly.

Why does my iPhone keep restarting and restarting?

If the iPhone keeps crashing and restarting, the problem could be with apps. Therefore, the issue could be resolved by updating the applications to the latest version. 1. Open the App Store. 2. Tap the "Updates" section in the lower left corner of the iPhone. 3. To update all installed applications, click Update All. Or choose which one to update individually.

:brown_circle: Why does the app keep crashing or freezing up youtube

An outdated operating system can also be one of the causes of frequent YouTube crashes. By updating your mobile device's operating system to the latest version, you can avoid YouTube crashes and bad application behavior. So if you update your operating system from time to time, there is an easy way to prevent the YouTube app from crashing on your Android device.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why does YouTube keep crashing on my computer?

YouTube crashing to a blue screen is usually a sign of compatibility issues between your web browser and your graphics card. One solution is to disable hardware acceleration for your videos. Here's how to do this in the main browsers.

:brown_circle: What to do when your YouTube videos are freezing?

In the top right corner of your browser, click the three-dot menu icon, click Show advanced settings, and then uncheck Use Adobe Flash Player. This should get your YouTube videos working properly again so you can interact with the world again, watch the elephants slide off the slides, or whatever excites the slide of the day.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What to do if YouTube keeps crashing on Samsung J7?

Force restart your Galaxy J7. If your phone stops responding when the YouTube app crashes or freezes, force restart your device. Just like a soft reset or normal restart, a force restart will not affect your personal data or the information on your phone.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why does the app keep crashing or freezing up windows 10

If any of your installed apps, including desktop and Windows apps, won't open, crash or crash on launch, the possible reasons are as follows: You have disabled the update feature. This means that the applications are not automatically updated. They run various programs in the background and take up your computer's memory.

How to fix app crashes in Windows 10?

Troubleshooting Windows 10 crashes 1 Solution 1. Close all programs that are running in the background. The first thing to do is to check if there are too many apps running in the background. If you do, these are 2 solutions 2: Restart your computer. 3 Solution 3. Update Windows. 4 Solution 4: Update your Windows applications. 5 Solution 5: Run the Windows Store app troubleshooter.

Why does my Windows 10 freeze up when I open it?

If Windows 10 occasionally crashes and hangs randomly, it is due to corrupted system files. To check and fix this issue and stop the freezing, you need to run Command Prompt as an administrator.

Why is my Photos app not working on Windows 10?

Photos often fail due to various reasons, for example: B. Bad system processes, old data cache or corrupted program files. Fortunately, Windows 10 has several options that you can use to solve all these problems with ease.
Step 1 : Open Action Center and click All Settings.
Step 2 : In the Settings app, click Applications.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What does it mean when Windows Explorer keeps crashing?

If Explorer continues to crash frequently, this is a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Windows Explorer, also known as File Explorer, is often part of the most widely used Windows computer application. However, you may experience problems restarting or freezing Windows Explorer.

:brown_circle: Why does the app keep crashing or freezing time

There are several reasons why applications keep crashing or crashing. The application may stop responding or crash if it is not updated. Many applications work much better if you have a good internet connection. Another thing is that the application is spelled wrong.

How to fix apps that keep crashing and freezing?

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to clear unnecessary app cache and data.
Step 1. Go to Settings and select Applications.
Step 2. Select the broadcasting application from the list of applications that appears.
Step 3. Click Storage > Clear Data or Clear Cache. Parameter 2. Free space in device memory.

Why is my Instagram app freezing and crashing?

After a while, the cache builds up and the app may be slow, freeze, or crash frequently. This often happens when you use some of the most popular applications like Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Spotify, Maps, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

What to do if your app freezes or crashes?

Most apps freeze or crash from time to time but if the app continues to have issues, read on for a more stable solution. Most developers keep updating their apps to fix bugs or add features (or improve existing ones).

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How to solve Amazon Kindle app crashing problem?

1. If you encounter this problem, clear the application cache first and then restart your phone to see if the problem occurs again. 2. The next step is to clear the app data using your Android phone's app cache to fix the Amazon Kindle app crashing issue.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Why does my app keep crashing on my computer?

This will give you faster access to the application the next time you open it. However, locally stored information can also become problematic and cause the application to crash. Sometimes you can solve the problem by forcing the application to update the data from the cloud or application source files instead of local storage.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why are some of my Apps freezing after an iOS update?

An iOS update may damage some applications on your phone. If you think that only some apps are causing the problem in your phone, then you should uninstall and reinstall those apps by following these steps.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why does the app keep crashing or freezing video

When you watch downloaded or online YouTube videos, your computer keeps freezing or freezing which is usually a sign of compatibility issues between your web browser and the video card.

:brown_circle: Why does my zoom app keep freezing up?

Many users reported to Zoom about app security vulnerabilities that resulted in app crashes, app crashes, and more. The company responded, claiming it was using end-to-end encryption. They later clarified that this was only limited to rapprochement.

:brown_circle: Why are so many apps crashing on my Samsung phone?

Another reason for blocking Android apps can be a lack of storage space on your device. This can happen when you overload your device's internal memory with large applications. Galaxy devices may encounter an error that causes Google to shut down due to a problem with the Google server.

What should I do if My Apps keep crashing on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. A list of applications and the amount of space they occupy is displayed. Delete the ones you don't use. Delete songs, photos, or videos that you may no longer want to keep or use. This will free up space and make the application run smoothly.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why does my MacBook Pro keep freezing up?

Another possible reason why your Mac freezes for a few seconds is because you haven't updated your software. Aside from the coolest new features, it's important to keep macOS up to date to prevent malware and eliminate bugs. It is also possible that your Mac is still not working because you have too many applications open.

Why do I keep getting system crashes on my Mac?

A system crash can be your macOS "reaction" to certain applications crashing on your Mac. It is common for an application version to be incompatible with the current version of macOS. It is a well-known rule that you should update applications every time a new version is released.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What to do when Safari freezes or keeps crashing on Mac?

Step 3 : Force close Safari with CTRL + MOUSE by clicking the Safari icon in the Dock and selecting EXIT or FORCED EXIT. If your entire computer has frozen, not just Safari, hold the power button for three seconds until the screen goes blank. Then press the power button again to restart your computer.

Why are some apps not working on my Mac?

Some apps crash or don't work, some don't start, some don't show any signs of life. Why is this happening? The most likely reason is that the app is simply not ready for the latest macOS Big Sur. Something inside turned out to be incompatible with the new macOS.

:brown_circle: Why does my iPhone 6 keep crashing?

If your iPhone 6 keeps freezing and freezing, it can also happen due to the installation of third-party applications. If your device is temporarily disabled, you will need to uninstall the broken app and then restart your device to get it back.

:brown_circle: Why does my Android phone keep crashing?

Android application crashing issue can occur when there is a problem with the cache partition where the application data is stored along with other system files. To wipe the cache partition, you need to put your device into recovery mode.

Why does my Android phone keep stopping?

If your Android phone gets too hot, it can also be the reason for the accidental shutdown. If the phone gets hot enough to damage parts, it will turn off. This also happens when you're not using your phone and you're out there.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Why does my phone keep closing apps on itunes

If the application continues to crash, it may be outdated and should be updated for maximum performance. If you have recently updated iOS, it is likely that iOS is not compatible with the application. This issue can also occur if there is not enough space on your device.

Why does my iPhone screen keep freezing?

One of the main causes of iPhone freezing is insufficient space on your device. If you are not in the habit of cleaning your iPhone regularly, the application cache and data on your iPhone can become clogged during daily use and affect the performance of the iPhone, eventually causing the application to crash.

:brown_circle: Why does my iPhone keep loading?

Internet connection issues can cause iPhone to charge continuously. Ensure a strong signal and a stable data connection. The signal strength indicator can display one of five possible baud rate indicators.

Why is my iPhone 7 Plus crashing?

Sometimes, if you haven't restarted your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus for several days, the apps will freeze and crash randomly. The reason is that the application may freeze the screen due to memory issues. Turning your iPhone 7 on and off can solve this problem.

Why do iPhone apps constantly need to update?

Update apps on my iPhone: Open the App Store. If you're using iOS 12 or earlier, tap Today at the bottom of the screen. Touch your profile icon at the top of the screen. Scroll down to see pending updates and release notes. Tap Update next to an application to update only that application, or tap Update all.

Why does my phone keep closing apps on computer

If there is an error in the application you are using, the application may close automatically. Fixing bad apps is usually in the hands of the app developer. Make sure your apps are up to date to fix bugs. CPU overload or memory abuse Every phone is designed for a specific use.

Why does my phone keep closing apps on fire

Closing running applications can improve the performance of your Kindle Fire HD and drain the battery more slowly. Restart your Kindle Fire HD.

What to do when an app Force closes?

If an app is forcibly closed as soon as you open it (or shortly after), clear the cache for that app first. This doesn't always work, in most cases it probably won't fix the problem, but it's the first thing you should try as it will save all your important information (login credentials, etc.).

How to fix a problem with Kindle Fire app?

If the issues with your Kindle Fire persist, try uninstalling and reinstalling the application: 1 Select Settings 2 Select Applications & Games 3 Select Manage all applications 4 Select the problematic application. 5 Select Delete. 6 Press and hold the power button for 40 seconds to reboot the device. 7 Reinstall the application and try again.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why does my phone keep closing apps on google

Some users have found that some apps on their mobile devices crash when opening Tumblr, Google Search, Brawl Stars, Waze, TikTok, banking apps, etc. This may be related to a problem with Google Webview and can be fixed with an Android update.. Webview and Chrome System, version.

Why are my Apps not working?

However, applications that do not open cause problems and degrade performance. Application problems are often caused by outdated firmware, incompatibility or corruption of the applications themselves.

:brown_circle: Why is Google not responding?

Registry errors are usually the main reason why Google is not responding. The registry stores information about your computer's hardware, software, and settings. If the registry information is corrupted, it can cause errors, crashes, program interruptions, and hardware failure.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why do my apps keep crashing?

These are the main reasons why an application keeps closing down: The applications are installed or updated incorrectly. You can only update the software of your Android device, but not update and install applications from the Google Play Store. Lack of storage space. There may not be enough storage space to run applications, especially if you have multiple applications open at the same time. Bad network.

Why is Pandora not working on my phone?

Sometimes a bad network connection can be the reason why Pandora is not responding properly to your commands. Checking your internet settings and possibly resetting your network settings before using the app is one of the best ways to troubleshoot Pandora.

Why does Pandora keep stopping on Android?

Pandora stops playing after three or four songs. This is more common in older versions of the Android application. The solution is to ensure that the power, sound, screen, etc. Android devices are not activated after a certain period of inactivity.

Why does Pandora freeze?

By 2065, many people will find that the current Pandora system is in decline and the number of Pandora is steadily decreasing. In Freezing: Zero, the reason for this is the sudden increase in Pandora's losses due to the increase in the number of Nova Shocks.

How can I use Pandora on my laptop?

One way to use Pandora on a Windows PC is to download Pandora for free from Microsoft Windows' online store. Sign in to the Windows Store on your computer with your Microsoft account, then use the search box to search for Pandora.

:brown_circle: Why does Pandora keep crashing in the background?

If you need help finding the settings for your specific device, click here. Sometimes devices kill apps running in the background. If Pandora keeps crashing when you turn on the lock screen, it's most likely your fault. How to remove background restrictions on Pandora. Press and hold the Pandora icon on the home screen.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How can I get Pandora to stop crashing my phone?

Open the Settings app on your smartphone. Scroll down to Apps & notifications and tap it. Search for Pandora and click Advanced. Search for the search "battery" and then for "battery saver mode". Exclude Pandora from battery optimization mode. The smartphone should now stop killing Pandora while streaming music.

Why is my Pandora app not working on my phone?

Expand the Settings menu and go to Applications > Pandora (in the Downloaded tab). Click on "Clear data" and wait for the process to complete. Remark. On some devices, you may need to click "Storage" to see this option. It is unlikely, but not impossible, that your problem is related to your mobile internet speed.

Why does Pandora keep stopping checking your antivirus?

Why does Pandora keep stopping? You need to see if your antivirus is interfering with your Pandora. So don't forget to run your antivirus and fix the problem.

:brown_circle: How do I install Pandora on my PC?

To install Pandora Music for PC, click the Install APK button in the lower right corner of the Home tab. You will be taken to Windows Explorer. From there, navigate to the folder where the APK was previously downloaded. Open it and Bluestacks 3 will automatically install Pandora Music for PC.

How do I download Pandora Radio on my laptop?

Download Pandora for Windows. One way to use Pandora on a Windows PC is to download Pandora for free from Microsoft Windows' online store. Sign in to the Windows Store on your computer with your Microsoft account, then use the search box to search for Pandora. Download the app and log in to your account.

How do you download music from Pandora to computer?

You can download and install the Pandora Download Links extension in Google Chrome and go to the store to find the extension for free. Go to the Pandora website, sign in to your account and listen to Pandora music. You can click the Download button next to the song and save the Pandora playlist to your computer.

How do you update Pandora?

Log in to Pandora. Click the Update button in the top right corner (or click your account picture > Settings > Update). 2 Pandora Plus A page will appear where you can switch to Pandora Premium or Pandora Plus. Click the "Start Pandora Plus Free Trial" button.

Why does my pandora app keep crashing on fire tv

This is by far the main culprit for this glitch. Saving battery power generally limits background data. As you can imagine, this also applies to Pandora. Try disabling Battery Optimization and see if Pandora now works with mobile data.

Why does my Pandora app keep crashing down?

Therefore, poor internet connection can easily crash Pandora platform. Each platform that offers them entertainment has different quality modes that give them the option to choose between options to see which one they would like to have.

What to do if Pandora wont play on your computer?

Click the Always Allow option. Allow Pandora to access your computer if such input is prohibited. Reinstall the application: If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the application. Click on the application icon. You will be given the option to uninstall.

Why does my Pandora keep going to buffer?

Pandora has many reasons to buffer. All these reasons are so minor that they can get in your eyes, and you have no doubt that something is causing your Pandora to fall apart and interrupt the flow of the conversation. Let's take a look at the reasons why Pandora crashed.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How can I get Pandora to run in the background?

Press and hold the Pandora icon on the home screen. Touch the gear icon to access the application information. Then select "Advanced" and then "Battery". Make sure Pandora is running in the background. If Background Restriction is set to Restricted, remove the restriction.

:brown_circle: Why does my pandora app keep crashing on ipad

Pandora may crash due to application firmware issues. So press the power button and reboot your phone. If it still freezes after that, try the force restart procedure: press and hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time for 10 seconds or more.

What to do if your Pandora app keeps crashing?

You can restart your iPhone to see if that fixes the problem. Or you can reinstall the Pandora application and start over with a fresh install. Press and hold the Pandora icon and then tap Delete. Confirm the removal and go to the App Store. Download Pandora again and log in. If Pandora doesn't crash anymore, all the better! You solved the problem.

:brown_circle: Why does my app keep crashing on my iPad?

Older versions of applications can also cause problems. Upgrading from one major version of iOS or iPadOS to another can cause stability issues if the app is not updated to reflect the changes. Sometimes developers leave their applications behind altogether. The most obvious solution here is to check for updates.

:brown_circle: How do I Open Pandora app?

Open the app store. From the App Store home screen, tap the search icon (magnifying glass). Go to the "Search" tab and type "Pandora" in the search bar. Search for the Pandora application and select it from the search results. Tap Download and Install to download the app.

:brown_circle: Is there a Pandora computer app?

Pandora is a music streaming service that offers apps for most modern devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, as well as Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS computers.

Why does my Pandora app keep crashing on my computer?

Sometimes the Pandora app doesn't crash but buffers in the middle of songs or hangs. These issues could be due to a poor Wi-Fi signal, cellular connection, or something else. Here is a short list of things you can do to check if your Pandora application is overcrowded.

Why does my MacBook keep crashing on startup?

Mac computers generally crash because they have no control over the software installed on them or the devices connected to them. In these cases, your Mac can be restarted to fix the problem. However, if your Mac won't start up, things can get serious as it can lead to a complete shutdown.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Why does my Pandora keep stopping downloading music?

However, this depends on your internet connection: the higher the speed and source code, the better you can access Pandora. So the two reasons are related. Often the music is not finished downloading but you start listening to it.

How do you log on to Pandora?

Log in to Pandora. Open in your web browser. Then click on "Login" in the top right corner of the screen. Once on the Pandora login screen, click in the Email field and enter the email address you used to log into Pandora.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How do I reinstall Pandora?

Follow these steps to reinstall Pandora. Tap the home screen and slide up or down to see all applications. Click on Play Store. Type "pandora" in the search box. Select Pandora and then click Install. Check the required permissions of the application to continue and then click OK.

Why is my phone not opening apps?

There are several reasons why your apps won't open, and one of them is related to a software glitch. The main reason why apps won't open is a bug in the software your iPhone is running on.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Why do my iPhone apps keep closing?

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Close and reopen the application. Apple Watch: In an open app, press and hold the side button to view power options. Then press and hold the Digital Crown to exit the application. Apple TV: Double tap the TV/Home button and swipe left or right to find the app with the problem. Then swipe up to close the app.

Why Cant I open apps on my iPhone?

Your iPhone apps cannot be opened because there is a software problem on your iPhone. When an app crashes, it usually doesn't take the entire iPhone with it. Instead, you will be taken to the home screen and the app will end in the background.

:brown_circle: Why are my apps crashing on my ipad

Part 2: Common Methods to Fix iPad Apps Keep Crashing Solution 1. Restart iPad. While restarting your iPad is an easy task, if your iPad apps keep crashing, it's worth a try. Solution 2: Restart the failed application. When an application crashes, it may not close but instead run in the background. Solution 3. Reinstall the emergency application. Solution 4. Update your applications. Solution 5: Update iOS. Solution 6: Contact the application developer.

:brown_circle: Why do my iPad apps keep crashing?

Sometimes applications are slow, ineffective, or poorly designed. In other cases, they may require too many resources for your device. Corrupted files can be accidentally created while apps are running which is one of the reasons why iPad keeps crashing.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why does my iPad keep crashing?

Possible Causes "Why my iPad mini keeps crashing" - One of the main reasons could be bad flash memory on your device. It doesn't appear immediately, only when your device reaches that portion of memory for storage or use.

Why does my mail app keep crashing?

  • Solution 1: Clear the cache and data of the Gmail app.
  • Solution 2 Deactivate the application and reactivate it. If the Gmail app continues to crash, try installing the app again or, if it's a system app, disable it and
  • Solution 3 Sign out of your Google account and sign in again.
  • Solution 4 Turn off dark mode.
  • Solution 5 Update the application.

Why does this program keep crashing?

Computer programs can malfunction or function abnormally for a variety of reasons, usually due to an error in the program, operating system, or drivers. Many application errors and problems are due to errors in the programming code. Once software developers discover a bug, they often release a patch to fix the problem.

Why are my apps crashing android

Another reason why Android apps crash is that there is not enough storage space on your device. This happens when you use your device's internal storage for large applications, games, photos, movies, videos, audio files, documents, etc.

:brown_circle: Why are Android apps not working?

  • Open the Settings app on your device.
  • At the bottom, click System Advanced system update. If necessary, first tap About phone or About tablet.
  • You can see the status of your update. Follow the instructions on the screen.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why does my Samsung Galaxy keep crashing?

  • 1. From the Home screen, tap Applications.
  • 2. Tap Settings (you may need to swipe left or right first to find it).
  • 3. Click About device.
  • 4. Click Software Update.
  • 5. Touch Update. See below if one or more applications regularly crash after a software update (or if no software update was available).

Why is my Samsung phone not working?

  • Check the power switch
  • Make sure your phone has enough power. Connect the original charger to the aftermarket
  • Make sure your phone's charging port is not plugged in. Check your phone carefully to make sure this isn't the case.
  • Make sure to use a compatible device which can seriously damage your phone if the charger is different.
  • Forced restart from: Yes

why are my apps crashing