Why Are Libras So

Why Are Libras So

And why is the lace so flat?

The real question is, why do you think they are?

But I know it's a hygiene issue. The answer to all these questions is no.

But honestly, I'm tired of explaining, so I'm going to convince people what they want.

No, that's ridiculous. Lee and Mains may share similar features in their human form, but there are many differences, especially in the pure form of these symptoms. Aries is very spiritual, Lee is very romantic in every way. Aries has spiritual love, Lee has romantic love. Mesh flows towards subtle beauty, Lee flows towards aesthetic beauty. Aries understands everything, Lee forms an association. Aries is mercy and compassion, Lee is justice. Let go of one of them and you will cut off a lot of oral energy and both will be beautiful in their own way. For better or for worse, there are advantages and disadvantages. I'm sure there are a lot of candidates for Lys and a lot of candidates for Pisces, just as there are a lot of creative people with both symbols. You are motivated by pure energy, and the Lee and Mans energies are actually quite different in color. I also don't think it makes sense to talk about betting on fish right now. That is ignorance. It is not better than others. Get rid of all your superior resources, everyone is as good as everyone else. So I'm very creative in speaking gestures, I'm very special, I'm very sincere and deep ... what is this? Examine yourself. Fish

I totally agree that this father is very selfish! He likes to tease and says that if we don't make useless money then superficial things like animals need help. Scientifically according to OCD, but in my opinion octet is the worst. Very short review.

Why Are Libras So

Why Are Libras So

I am a fish and yes I am a very open person, I always try to get people to do this for me or say whatever I want, I am also very sensitive and easily hurt and cry a lot Am _.

I don't know why fish are like that, I don't think they are all like that, but I think it's a coincidence that one can describe many things in a single simple sentence.

Why is Aries so happy and crying?

Why are you asking these questions?

I have cancer and when I wake up I hesitate, hahaha, but I'm not narrow-minded! ... You understand Aquarius correctly t = D

As always, you should see a board of people.

Why are virgins such a delicate obsessive compulsive disorder?

Virgo is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury makes a person quiet, critical and nervous. People born under a sign under the dominion of this planet can chase Leo for their money in the selfie department.

Why is corn so boring and crazy?

Corn is ruled by Saturn.

Saturn is a planet that works in terrestrial life to show the limitations and obstacles you face when your personal goals go wrong or when you have a debt that needs to be resolved. Have to do Saturn's position in your horoscope can indicate areas of your life where you need to be more diligent when trying to change or work. Therefore, Saturn is called the planet and it is the ruler of karma.

Saturn is a symbol of time and patience, tradition and experience. At best it helps to strengthen and at worst it limits the person's efforts. Saturn is associated with the sign of corn.


Why is Turin so stubborn and small?

Venus has been known since prehistoric times. Venice (Greek)

: Aphrodite of Babylon: Ashtar) is a plan of love and beauty. The superficial features of Venus are named after the female form. Venus is the brightest object in S except the Sun and the Moon and it is called the jewel of S. There could be two separate main points: Aesopras as the morning star and Hesperus as the evening star, but the Greek astronomers knew this.

Venice is associated with tennis and Lee.

And interested in love and personal relationships as well as art and fashion. It encourages personality and communication, but it can also be bossy. It can make a stressed person uncertain and dependent on other people.

Why is Zwilling so controversial and small?

Read Virgin. Both are ruled by Mercury.


Why is Aquarius so proud and cold? Aquarius is ruled by Ovar and the ancient ruler is Saturn. Aquarius is a solid male wind sign. Predictor of the unexpected. Wild and crazy like the planet Ur, Aquarius is your messenger! Always ready to break and rebel against anything. Aquarius, like everyone else, loves personal freedom. They like sudden changes and can be seen as unpredictable and unstable. Polarity is young, masculine and positive.

Why is Starius so rude and noisy?

The largest planet is Jupiter. A sign of change. His passion spread like a paintbrush. The Li GR terminal, on the other hand, is always green, never satisfied. Adventurer, easily bored with routine. Starius is dictatorial, harassing and always pushes his boundaries, he likes places, accents, outdoor activities. Polarity is, man, positive.

Why is Aries so stubborn and annoying?

Mars is about the masculine aspect of your nature, which is very sexual, which makes you aggressive and strong. Sharp and rude, as well as positive and energetic. Mars gives personality to the individual, giving birth to natural desires and emotions. It is often associated with anger and does not use the energy it provides. It refers to a warrior, not a warrior, and gives the subject the courage to face the nafs (lower nafs) that we are all part of and we must all learn to control.

Why are fish so alive and crying?

Neptune was once known as Poseidon, the Greek ocean that governs all lakes and rivers. Neptune became a horse at the court of Des Demeter when she became a horse, as is said to be the inventor of RSC racing. The planet Neptune has a deep connection to the fish, which is the most aquatic of all signs, and is especially concerned with dance and poetry. Neptune encourages imagination, sensitivity and idealism.

* On the back: In most cases, density, testimony and indifference.

* Its strengths include: sensitivity to the needs of others and idealism.

* Lifelong Achievements - Learn to use your creative imagination for the benefit of others, not just yourself.

Why is cancer so irritating and annoying?

The moon rules over cancer. This amount is determined by emotions. Cancer is an important sign of water. The world is a terrible place for cancer, they are emotionally weak and sensitive. If the world of cancer is too difficult to handle, it needs safe use, food, warmth, family and a hug. Polarity is yen, feminine and negative.

Why is Scorpio so dark and passionate?

The scorpion is ruled by Pluto, the ancient ruler is Mars, a fixed sign of water. Scorpios are perceptive experts, they can review any situation to determine what they are looking for.

Be steadfast because in our time we make decisions and do what we want and you cannot be a pivotal leader.

Worry because you don't make me happy, so I make you happy, so do it, Nanny.

Why Are Libras So