Why Are Leos So Lonely

Why Are Leos So Lonely

Why is the lion always drawn for love? ۔

Why all the other guys in the money can contribute to life other than Leo, because this is where I read Lewis' answers to all the girls and they are usually negative. I think Lewis is mostly attention-grabbing and very selfish, but truth be told, an adult lion would understand that this is not him. I think I made you so bad !!! I prefer Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio and Li women, but Scorpio women never trust me and work behind my back and Gemini can't trust them even though I love them!

I know most Lewis are single men / women for the same reason and most are only in short term relationships. I want to share my life with a girl, but most girls don't believe me and think I'm a major player, but I'm very lonely.

I'm a Leo woman and I think you have a big misunderstanding about our sign ... yes, we like attention. I admit. However, I am not selfish, nor are there other Lewis I know. I think young lions may be more than you describe, but when we grow up (lions become famous late), we need to understand that they are not all ours and in fact more than others. I have more I've dated some Lewis and all I know about them is this: they're very insecure about their relationship, and sometimes it's a tendency to look for security in a partner who takes them away. ۔ Because Audi wants to play lakh. One day what you like and what you need. Lions (men and women), unfortunately and incorrectly, are known to be gamblers. If you don't have a parlor for the whole world, more than 20 per cent, but more ... total. I just got married to a man from Corn (at the age of 11) and this is my best relationship. Understand that as lions, we keep our hearts on our sleeves and are more easily injured than others. All we want is eternal love, but we have to find the right place. The lion spoils his mate, and that's not a bad thing. All you have to do is make sure you are with someone who likes and dislikes your attention and love. For your information, Leo is more compatible with other zodiac signs, such as Aries, Asterisk and other Leo signs. We are also compatible with landmarks such as Corn and Torres. We are not exactly compatible with water and air marks (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Aquarius ...) I can see that it is all working for you !!

Did we say that?

The man I'm in love with right now is Leo and he's not selfish, he's confident but I'm not a twin. We do a great job hahaha. I think it's really about getting rid of them. Some people think that if you are very interested and selfish then it means that you don't care and you are cheating because you only care about yourself. I think Lewis is very romantic and very romantic and total, it's all choices and graphics and stuff, and not just listening to the basic stereotypes, Gemini is reliable as long as we let them in and completely Feel free to

Take a look there, I'm sure you'll have a great day that you'll love, no matter what.

Congratulations Mr. Liu :)

Well, don't get me wrong, but ... from experience, lions (especially males) have a responsibility to be active, open and aggressive. I've dated a lot of Lewis in the past because I was attracted to them, but they all turned out to be obsessive, abusive and just psychologists, not to mention two relatives and people I'm friends with. ۔ . The lion.

I don't understand why all the lion men I know are so unbalanced. Some girls are really good and some are very bad.

Why Are Leos So Lonely