Why Are Braces So Expensive

Why Are Braces So Expensive

Why are they so expensive?!? 3

Why so expensive ??? I need it because I have two bad teeth. My father said he would not pay because it was too expensive. how much ?? My dentist says it costs 4,200! It is impressive! I really want straight teeth! But why should it be expensive ?! Is my dentist ready? Please help me !!

Do you think the dentist can give you any discount? After all, dentists are really rich! Do you think they will recover and cut E in half or remove a certain amount? Help!!


Thank you Northville.

That's great advice !! Except I don't think I have an orthodox school in my house. I wonder if any new orthodontist can use it to study my teeth. Hair

You pay for orthodontic training. You can go to dental school and get it cheap with excellent results.

it's fine. My CES will cost me 3,000. This increases if you live in an urban area.

Your father is crazy You will do anything to bring a perfect smile to your children. My parents paid me and I am very grateful.

Many dentists / orthodontists may also offer a monthly payment plan. So if you have a job, this is a way to pay the equivalent of $ 100 a month. Also, try to get dental insurance!

I don't think the dentist will give you any discount. You must do justice to your other patients. Not cheap for anyone. We apologize.

You can get a second opinion. My CES cost 6,000 because I had a lot of problems and I had them for 3 years. I needed a special electronic device and it only costs $ 1,000. If you only need to straighten a few teeth, it doesn't do much good. My sister only needs a few straight teeth. He had it for 1 year and it cost 3,000. I think the place you are going to is old. They will probably not give you a discount just because the dentist is rich. They can offer you a payment plan to cover your expenses in the long run.

Why are these products so expensive?

Sorry to say that, but your father is crazy. He sold a lot of money to get the perfect smile. You can talk to her about this. And is. Your dentist is more crazy than your father. I had it two years ago, when I was 24 years old. And my teeth are bad. Sheep, cavities, teeth without anything. They think I owe 6,000, but I don't. And I only paid 2000 bs because my insurance is part of it. It depends on your dentist. My teeth are very cheap and now my teeth are fine. Except my insurance didn't cover my expenses, which were 250 each. Very good l = D

P.D .: It may also depend on the state in which you live. I was living in Florida when I got my ice cream and I knew I wasn't gaining much weight.

Why Are Braces So Expensive

Why Are Braces So Expensive

I'm sorry you might check out a government-affiliated dental clinic, they're about $ 3,000 cheaper, I know because I have a friend who doesn't remember his tough name. The downside is that you will have to wait a long time because a lot of other people are waiting for this discount and you may be added to the waiting list. Waiting time depends on the number of people waiting, it can be many. Month to 2 years. As far as finances are concerned, I suggest that you lend it to your father, just ask him to pay it first, and you can repay it when you are old enough to get a job. ۔

If you are patient and really want to fix your teeth, I suggest doing so.

My kids cost $ 5,000. Even if you only need to straighten a few, they should make room for the teeth and therefore are necessary for the whole mouth. Talk to a dentist and explain your situation, they can help you. Try talking to your dad about the benefits of straight teeth. Remember you don't have to be a teenager to do that. You always understand when you are in the process of supporting yourself.

I am a nurse. They usually cost between $ 4 and $ 5. The good news is, they have a plan to pay. They only need to pay a small amount until they receive a full payment. Call the show for an appointment, it's worth a look.

There are 3,600 landmines.

I am 20 years old and I pay 128.33 per month. Try to see different orthodontists and review their different treatments. Also, check with your insurer to see if they can handle the treatment.

I mean I know you think it's expensive ... believe me girl, anything with teeth is expensive ... !!!

OK .. but it helps you .. :)

Because it is a metal of real steel and the materials they need are expensive, they need money for these things.

Why Are Braces So Expensive