Wholesale means,

  • Meaning of Wholesale: They usually sell products to retailers who resell them at a profit.

  • Selling goods in bulk, especially to a person or company who is thinking of selling goods.

Meanings of Wholesale

  1. Selling bulk goods for retail through a third party.

  2. Extensively developed.

  3. Bulk sales for third party retail use.

  4. (Goods) Sell large quantities at low prices so that they can be resold by a third party.

Sentences of Wholesale

  1. If you want to sell big, expensive items, wholesale is not the way to go.

  2. Complete destruction of natural order

  3. Bottles from this region at about 72 per box

  4. Imported clothing, now wholesale with 20 retail stores

Synonyms of Wholesale

outright, far-reaching, overall , in bulk , large-scale , sweeping , mass, comprehensive, widespread , all-inclusive, complete , wide-ranging, in quantity , thorough, blanket, broad, indiscriminate , general , quantitative , wide-ranging , widespread, far-reaching , comprehensive , mass , large-scale, total , in the mass , extensive

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How Do You Define Wholesale?

  1. Meaning of Wholesale: Usually sell products in bulk to retailers, and then resell them at a profit.

  2. Selling goods on a large scale, especially to a person or company that is considering selling goods.

Meanings of Wholesale

  1. Sales of goods at large and low prices are usually for resale through profitable retailers.

  2. Sold in bulk and at low prices to retailers.

  3. Overall and blindly.

  4. Sell ​​large quantities (goods) at low prices to resell at a profit.

Sentences of Wholesale

  1. Wholesale trade is not possible if you want to sell big, expensive items.

  2. Region bottles approximately £ 72 per box.

  3. The security clause is almost taken from the union documents.

  4. Mass destruction of these animals by predators.

  5. Imported clothes, now wholesale with 20 retail stores.

Synonyms of Wholesale

thoroughly, indiscriminately, extensively, bigly, comprehensively, without exception, undiscriminatingly, across the board, on a large scale