Wholesale Trade

Wholesale Trade,

Definition of Wholesale Trade:

Wholesale is an economic indicator that measures the value of all sales and inventories in wholesalers in US dollars. Wholesale is part of the company's sales and logistics. Only companies that sell to governments, institutions and other companies are considered wholesalers.

  • Wholesale is an economic indicator that provides insights into the economy of consumers who depend on wholesalers to supply retailers.
  • Wholesale data allows investors to take a closer look at the consumer economy, as sales and inventory levels can be key indicators of consumer trends.
  • Wholesalers arrange to sell goods or to other wholesalers or retailers.

Literal Meanings of Wholesale Trade


Meanings of Wholesale:
  1. Sales of bulk goods for retail purposes through third parties.

  2. Performed on a large scale.

  3. The bulk of the retail use is sold by a third party.

  4. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčlarge quantities of goods at low prices so that they can be resold by a third party.

Sentences of Wholesale
  1. If you want to sell big, expensive items, wholesale is probably not the answer.

  2. Complete destruction of natural order

  3. Bottles from this region cost about $ 72 per box

  4. Imported clothes, now wholesale with 20 retail stores

Synonyms of Wholesale

mass, outright, widespread, wide-ranging, extensive, comprehensive, sweeping, far-reaching, broad, blanket, all-inclusive, total, thorough, large-scale


Meanings of Trade:
  1. Buy and sell goods and services.

  2. Usually as a business transaction, exchange of something else (of something)

  3. Buying and selling of goods and services.

  4. Special work, usually a job that requires manual skills and special training.

  5. Commercial winds

Sentences of Trade
  1. Trade intermediaries for luxury goods

  2. Replace clay shark liver for fish oil

  3. A move to ban all trade in ivory

  4. Build basic business principles

  5. Jobs in the Northeast

Synonyms of Trade

commerce, traffic, job, province, buying and selling, field, occupation, day job, profession, marketing, deal, switch, living, walk of life, dealing, merchandising, vocation, exchange, replace, line of work, swap, craft, barter, line of business, career, trafficking, substitute, livelihood