Wholesale Fund

Wholesale Fund,

What Does Wholesale Fund Mean?

  • Meaning of Wholesale Fund: The AMP Capitals Wholesale Trust Package is a pre-tax mixed investment vehicle that allows individuals to invest collectively, leveraging the expertise of professional investment managers and individual investors. Gets far more diversity than is available. The distribution of income to investors is usually pre-taxed so that investors can handle their investment in their overall tax position. If an investor has a modest tax rate lower than the corporate tax rate, he can also benefit from a lower tax rate.

Literal Meanings of Wholesale Fund


Meanings of Wholesale:
  1. Selling bulk goods for retail through a third party.

  2. Extensively developed.

  3. A large number of retail use bulbs are sold by third parties.

  4. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčlarge quantities (goods) at low prices through third parties.

Sentences of Wholesale
  1. If you want to sell big, expensive items, wholesale may not be the way to go.

  2. Complete destruction of the natural system

  3. Bottles from this region at about 72 per box

  4. Imported clothes, now wholesale with 20 retail stores

Synonyms of Wholesale

mass, outright, thorough, comprehensive, extensive, wide-ranging, total, broad, blanket, far-reaching, widespread, large-scale, all-inclusive, sweeping


Meanings of Fund:
  1. Provide money for a specific purpose.

  2. The amount of savings or money available for a specific purpose.

Sentences of Fund
  1. The World Bank refused to finance the project

  2. Created a fund to coordinate economic investment

Synonyms of Fund

collection, support, endow, purse, subsidize, provide capital for, be a patron of, pay for, finance, pool, maintain, reserve, sponsor, float, underwrite, provide finance for, kitty, back, capitalize, put up the money for