Wholesale energy

Wholesale energy,

Definition of Wholesale energy:

  1. The concept of wholesale trading relates to the business of selling of goods in large quantities and at low prices, typically to be sold on by retailers at a profit. In general, it is the sale of goods to anyone other than a standard consumer. In the wholesale energy market, the term generally relates to purchasing and selling large quantities of electricity between utility companies, but other smaller independent renewable energy producers are also entering the wholesale energy market.

  2. Energy products or by-products that are sold directly to energy-users by non-utility companies. Energy wholesalers buy and sell energy in deregulated markets to produce a secondary market that can be accessed by consumers or businesses as a source of lower-cost energy.

  3. Wholesale energy is a term referring to the bulk purchase and sale of energy products – primarily electricity, but also steam and natural gas – in the wholesale market by energy producers and energy retailers. Other participants in the wholesale energy market include financial intermediaries, energy traders and large consumers. Wholesale energy markets developed following the deregulation and restructuring of utilities and electricity markets around the world in the 1990s.

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Wholesale Energy,

What Does Wholesale Energy Mean?

Wholesale Energy means, Wholesale energy is a term used to refer to the wholesale buying and selling of energy products, especially electricity, but also steam and natural gas, in the wholesale market by retail energy and energy producers. Other participants in the wholesale energy market are financial intermediaries, energy dealers and wholesale consumers. The wholesale energy market developed in the 1990s as a result of the disorganization and restructuring of global electricity and utility markets.

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Meanings of Wholesale:
  1. Selling bulk goods for retail through a third party.

  2. Bulk sales for retail through a third party.

  3. on a large scale.

  4. Bulk sale (goods) for a lower price by a third party.

Sentences of Wholesale
  1. If you want to sell big and expensive items, wholesale is not the way to go.

  2. The price of bottles in this bulk region is about 72 per box

  3. Massive destruction of the natural system

  4. Imported clothing that is now being sold at 20 retail stores

Synonyms of Wholesale

wide-ranging, comprehensive, mass, far-reaching, all-inclusive, outright, broad, sweeping, large-scale, widespread, thorough, blanket, total, extensive


Meanings of Energy:
  1. Permanent physical or mental activity requires strength and power.

  2. Use of physical or chemical resources to provide energy, especially light and heat, or to operate machinery.

  3. The properties of substances and radiation that are reflected in their ability to work (for example, cause motility or molecular interactions).

Sentences of Energy
  1. Changes in vitamin levels can affect energy levels and well-being

  2. Nuclear energy

  3. Collision where no energy is transmitted

Synonyms of Energy

spark, liveliness, vigour, verve, perkiness, vibrancy, fire, life, passion, spiritedness, enthusiasm, sparkle, vitality, animation, power, buoyancy, effervescence, exuberance, zest, zeal, vivacity