How To Define WHOLE LIFE?

  • Insurance that covers a person's entire life, not for a fixed period. The oldest type of cash life insurance that combines early death protection with a savings account. Premiums are fixed and guaranteed and remain constant throughout the policy.

  • WHOLE LIFE can be defined as, Life insurance that is suitable for life and offers benefits at any time in case of death.

Literal Meanings of WHOLE LIFE


Meanings of WHOLE:
  1. It is used to highlight something new or different.

  2. There is something that is lonely.

  3. All things.

  4. All

  5. In a state of non-existence or in a state of no condition.

Sentences of WHOLE
  1. Program titles form an integrated whole.

  2. The effect lasts a lifetime

  3. Spend the day walking

  4. Potatoes usually eat their prey whole.

Synonyms of WHOLE

every part, in one piece, intact, discrete item, the sum total, full, entity, complete, package, all, sound, unit, piece, ensemble, the lot, combination, conglomeration, entire, unbroken, everything


Meanings of LIFE:
  1. A state that distinguishes animals and plants from non-essential substances, including growth, reproduction, active activity, and the ability to make permanent changes before death.

  2. The representation of this subject (in art) is based on a real model and not on the artist's imagination

Sentences of LIFE
  1. He has lived in this country all his life

  2. Pose and clothes have been taken from life

Synonyms of LIFE

human being, days, drive, vivacity, energy, person, spiritedness, buoyancy, verve, allotted span, brio, existence, creature, course of life, individual, push, enthusiasm, time on earth, zest, effervescence, sparkle, one's career, exuberance, one's time, vigour, high spirits, go