Whole-Life Cost

Whole-Life Cost,

How To Define Whole-Life Cost?

  1. Lifetime cost, from purchase to sale through this financial analysis, is the total value of owning an asset more than its useful life. It is also known as life cycle cost, cost of living, cradle to grave, or compassionate grave. Total costs include acquisition and installation costs, construction costs, operating costs, maintenance, associated financing costs, depreciation and disposal costs.

    • Lifetime cost is the total value of an asset from purchase to disposal.
    • Total costs include acquisition and installation costs, construction and construction costs, operating costs, maintenance, related financing costs, depreciation and disposal costs.
    • The total cost also includes some expenses that are often overlooked, such as: b. Regarding environmental and social impact factors.
    • In general, the initial cost of construction or acquisition is considered, and many companies do not consider the long-term cost of assets.

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