Who Wins The Chunin Exams

Who Wins The Chunin Exams

Will Naruto W win the level test tournament? 3

First chuunin.

Second, the first respondent comes from the archive and

Third, mud.

If you watch it and really pay attention, the instructor cancels the tournament. But suppose that if it is not canceled, it will be left to Naruto, Temari and Shino. We saw how Gara later defeated Sasuke in the jungle and Shino Kankuro (something) and Naruto defeated Gara. And if that's the case, I'll put my money in your pocket.

Who Wins The Chunin Exams

Who Wins The Chunin Exams

The last battle of Chounin

Naruto vs. Private <Naruto won.

I thought it was Shikaro. When he led a team of Neji, Kiba, Cji and Naruto to find Sasuke, his name was Cin.

Oh ... I think Sasuke

When Gara tried to escape, Sasuke's fight with Gara ended. Sasuke defeated Temari (however we defeated Shikamaru and Tentin), and Naruto defeated Gara; but in the end Sasuke defeated Naruto.

No. 1 really wins.

Shiaru is the only app.

And he interfered with us in Orochimaru, so it will never end.

Who Wins The Chunin Exams