Who Named Earth

Who Named Earth

Are we called the earth?

The International Astronomical Union (the people who establish the official names of objects in E) has decided that the official names of the earth, sun and moon should be the same in spoken or written language. This app is for Sun, Moon and Earth anywhere. Indicates that the word should be considered a proper noun and should have capital.

For example, the official names of our only natural satellites are Luna in English, Luna in Spanish, Mund in German, and so on.

Our next star is called Civil in English, Spanish, etc.

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The name of the land comes from the English and German words eor (th) and / erta or land which means land. However, the creator of the identifier is unknown. Interesting fact of its name: Earth is the only planet that is not named Greek, Roman or Des.

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The so-called planet is living earth.


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Who Named Earth

Who Named Earth

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Who Named Earth