Who Invented Popcorn

Who Invented Popcorn

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I wonder if we got popcorn, they found it and that's it.

Even with the mysterious origin, Americans love popcorn for centuries.

Some may wonder if you invented popcorn. Popcorn has been a really popular breakfast for centuries. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. . This proves that Americans have been eating popcorn for centuries!

Popcorn was invented by others around the world. Popcorn may have been found in places where corn was grown as an important food source. In 1519, Curtis saw popcorn when he invaded Mexico and encountered the Aztecs for the first time. Popcorn was an important food source for Aztec Indians. But they also wear necklaces and decorate their hats with popcorn. It is said that Peruvian Indians also used popcorn in the 16th century.

The first popcorn makers were Americans. They took popcorn seeds and put them on top.

You can make popcorn in the same way today by putting it in an oil pan.

Native American Popcorn became popular with Europeans in the late 15th century. French explorers did not use Iroquois popcorn in the Great Lakes area around 1612 and blew it up with sand. He also said he had popcorn and popcorn soup at the Iroquois dinner. [1] In the late 1800's, popcorn was sold commercially in the United States ... Archaeologists have found a very old popcorn in New Mexico that is over 4000 years old! Even with extras, it will be very slippery. Pot corn was so important to the Aztecs, we not only ate it but also used it as a decoration in our religious ceremonies. And during World War II, when sugar was given to the United States, popcorn became a substitute for candy. Popcorn's oldest cobs were found in 1948 and 1950 by anthropologist Herbert and botanist Cue de los Marcellagos (a site where ancient agriculture was practiced by cave dwellers three years ago). Harvard students They have found layers of rubbish, rubbish and rubbish that have accumulated over two thousand years. The container contained 766 samples of cabbage, 125 loose seeds, 8 pods, 10 leaf pods and 5 earrings. The deeper they dug, the smaller and more ancient the ears became, until they hit the ground and found small tops of popcorn wrapped in straw. At this prehistoric center, they found six that were partially or completely destroyed. These nuts are so well preserved that they can be broken again. In fact, they took some unripe seeds and dipped them in oil to show that they could still pop. That carbon history is over 5,600 years old. The size of the popcorn was first discovered in 1885 by Charles Craters of Chicago, Illinois. To test his mother, Charles had to use her on the road as a client. On December 2, 1885, he obtained a peddler's license to use the Mai. Until then, the poppers will have to sit in front of the store to watch. The large popcorn dough that accompanies your gas stove has become a familiar part of the fragrance. Street vendors follow the crowds and push steam or petrol cans into fairs, parks and fairs. This practice continued through depression (1929-1939). Today, craters make a lot of popcorn in movies and commercials.

Who Invented Popcorn