White Van Man

White Van Man,

White Van Man Definition:

  1. An insulting term for drivers of white commercial vehicles who have a reputation for reckless and threatening driving and driving about two inches from the rear bumper.

Literal Meanings of White Van Man


Meanings of White:
  1. Fresh milky or ice color due to the reflection of most of the wavelength of light on black

  2. If you belong to or identify with a white group (mainly used by people of European descent). With reference to whites.

  3. Revolutionary or reactionary.

  4. Color or white pigment

  5. The lighter part of the axis around the iris.

  6. Egg protein all around (clean when clean).

  7. Members of the white people, especially from Europe.

  8. Butterflies have white or cream-colored strings or spots on their wings. It can be a victim of serious pests for tree planting.

  9. Paint or leave (some) white.

Sentences of White
  1. A sheet of white paper

  2. White farmer community

  3. White-fired grenades

  4. Viral conjunctivitis can spread to the white part of the cornea.

  5. Boil the eggs long enough for the whites to cook, but the yolk will still remain.

  6. Tooth decay is more common in white Europeans.

Synonyms of White

lighten, colourless, become pale, make pale, make white, wash out, natural, undyed, European, bleached, become white, unpigmented, etiolate, be washed out, bleach, Caucasian, non-black, fade, blanch


Meanings of Van:
  1. A medium-sized motor vehicle with a square shape and a high roof for carrying luggage or passengers.

  2. The most important part of society that is moving forward or preparing to move forward, especially the important divisions of forces that are moving forward.

  3. Fan

  4. The wings of birds

Sentences of Van
  1. Delivery vans cannot stop or stop traffic

  2. Inside the van were the most prominent leaders and several horsemen

  3. Instead of shrouds, trucks, flutes or drums, there is nothing more common in pagan holiday celebrations.

Synonyms of Van

advance guard, cutting edge, front line, driving force, leading position, front, fore, front rank, lead, forefront, vanguard, avant-garde, spearhead


Meanings of Man:
  1. An adult

  2. Either way, either.

  3. A group or person whose status is over other people. B. Employer or police.

  4. A piece or token used to play board games.

  5. (Official) Work, Administration or Work (Facilities or Equipment) or Defense (Fortaleza)

  6. Strengthens enthusiasm.

  7. It is used to express surprise, admiration, happiness, etc., or their line. Regardless of the gender of the target person.

Sentences of Man
  1. A little man with mischievous eyes

  2. God cares for all races and all people

  3. Firefighters operate the pump and extinguish the fire.

Synonyms of Man

gentleman, people, mortal, male, crew, human, occupy, soul, person, staff, human being, personage, adult male, individual