White goods

White goods,

Definition of White goods:

  1. Durable and heavy consumer goods, such as air conditioners, refrigerators or ovens. Previously, it was only painted with white enamel. Although available in a variety of colors, they are still called household items today. See also chocolate products.

  2. چادر۔

  3. Large appliances used in the country, such as refrigerators and washing machines, are usually white.

Synonyms of White goods

Enamelware, Metalware, Chinaware, Leatherware, Housewares, Ironmongery, Housefurnishings, Woodenware, Earthenware, Durables, Ironware, Durable goods, Silverware, Yard goods, Napery, Kitchenware, Clayware, Glassware, Brassware, Tableware, Flatware, Textiles, Soft goods, Linens, Hardware, Sporting goods, Hollow ware, Graniteware, Leather goods, Copperware, Dry goods, Sportswear, Hard goods, Tools and machinery, Tinware, Appliances, Ovenware, Fixtures, Dinnerware, Stoneware

How to use White goods in a sentence?

  1. For really heavy things, you need good shipping goods, such as large goods.
  2. Learning stuff is a very interesting thing because I love air conditioning and refrigerators.
  3. Vertical integration of household appliances ltd. Works better, as the device repairs to a new location, with areas of service being highly sought after.
  4. Appliance marketing began in 1988, when Fost sold white items such as washing machines and ovens on the back of his business truck, hence the name.

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