White collar

White collar,

Definition of White collar:

  1. In relation to the work done or those who work in the office or other professional environment.

  2. An employee belongs to a class of workers who are known to have a high average salary for doing highly skilled work, but they are not manual labor in their workplace. Employees always wear a shirt and tie, determined by office work and management, who do not get their hands dirty.

  3. Refers to employees whose work consists primarily or entirely of intellectual or office work, such as office. The term office means white-collar worker, but now it means employees or professionals whose work is knowledge-related, irregular and unorganized. Historically, office workers in the West wore white-collar shirts, but workers wore blue collars. See also blue collar.

  4. This working class is different from the workers who traditionally wear blue shirts and work in factories, factories and factories.

Synonyms of White collar

Salaried, Office, Professional, Executive, Clerical, Non-manual

How to use White collar in a sentence?

  1. I got in my car. After school years, I finally got my first administrative job. I hope it's worth it.
  2. Sometimes people move from the world of work to the world of white collar workers and it takes a short time to transition.
  3. Employees and jobs are often presented in contrast to jobs, which means the stability of the working class.
  4. Administrative jobs are usually highly educated and well-paid jobs, which require more education and training than manual or low-skilled jobs.
  5. White collar workers are decent workers who work at tables and avoid stereotypical physical work.
  6. However, well-paid professions such as public services and banks offer the potential for mobility.
  7. If you have a management job, you can work without a lot of physical energy in a day, but you will still spend a lot of mental energy.

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