Whiskas Or Felix

Whiskas Or Felix

Which is better for my cat: Whiskey or Felix? 3

None of this is good cat food. I will try to explain the difference between good and bad cat food so that your cat can be easily prepared.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. By learning to read labels, you can learn a lot about the foods that feed your pets. You can even learn to compare one food to another and choose the food that works best for your cat.

Ingredients labels tell you a lot about the type of meat used and whether there are cheap foods that your cat / kitten will not use.

You want to give them a high protein diet, which means that the meat source should come from healthy muscle meat. Make sure you only choose foods that contain chicken, mutton, rabbit, veal, turkey, game, salmon, fish, herring or plain or TC and do not include foods that contain by-products. (Chicken, meat, fish).

Stay away from too many fillers like corn, corn gluten bran, wheat, wheat gluten, soy, wheat etc. These are all cheap fillers that will help reduce manufacturing costs, but will not do much for your kitten.

Good advice here, not to mention the effects of sudden food changes, it is always advisable to introduce new foods gradually, as a change in nutrition can make a cat sick for a while.

Don't skip meals just because some of it has been picked up too often, switching from a high-protein diet to a high-protein diet will have this effect, but after a week you will know that The cat is eating less (smaller amounts contain more nutrients), smoother, and is actually better. I did it a few months ago and my 4 cats are very friendly with each other and since then and although food (I use wet and dry purebreds at home) is a little more expensive, it lasts for years. Stays Therefore it is more cost effective in the long run.

I will not feed either. Most of the cheaper products available in most supermarkets contain a lot of fillers, such as wheat and corn, which cats do not digest well. When looking at a list of food ingredients, the ingredients listed first (after water or other liquids) should be a recognizable protein (fish, beef, chicken, etc.). It should not be said that meat by-products are basic protein because they are of low quality. The main source of nutrition you want is the meat you want to eat alone. High quality dry food can contain up to 50% grains as a filler, which is not good for your cat's health. Some veterinarians believe that too much grain in cats can cause diabetes in cats.

Take the time to find high quality food for your cat and read the label carefully. You will often find that even the most expensive cat food is reasonably priced, and good nutrition is the first component of your cat's health. Spending a little more on cat food today can save a doctor a lot of money in the future.

Someone called Felix

Also, feeding your cat this product is not the same as giving McDonald's to anyone every day. You may like it, but it is not good for your long term health.

I would recommend dry foods that are high in protein (at least 30%) and the fiber should come from rice, corn or corn starch, not wheat (not good for the stomach). I was eating James Wellblood, he was skeptical at first, but now I love him and the doctor said he looked healthy the last time I took him. It is expensive for a wallet, but it will last a long time, so it is much cheaper than a wallet. Make sure they have plenty of drinking water.


Unfortunately, Whiskas & Felix is โ€‹โ€‹not the best food on the market. Meat is low (sometimes only 4%), the rest of the ingredients are mostly water and filling.

I would recommend recipes like Applaws, Natures Menu or Hilife. 65% and 5% of all of them have excellent meat content. Applaws are my cat's favorite!

I just ate Felix. Once he had a problem with food, I went to the supermarket and bought all the boxes and grocery bags from the most expensive supermarket. When I forgot everything, he threw Felix because he was just about to eat. In addition to supplementing his ration with dry rations, he eats a lot, so I don't think Felix is โ€‹โ€‹the best, but he still gets proper nutrition from dry rations.

Whiskas Or Felix

Whiskas Or Felix

Whiskers are terrible for cats. It contains a lot of corn, is difficult to digest, is full of artificial colors and derivatives, and is of no value to your cat. Also, the salt is too high. In general, this is not good for your friend.

Felix is โ€‹โ€‹just like that, with only 7.8% protein and 80% load, you are basically feeding your cat by-products. It's like eating SPAM for life.

Depending on your e-rank and the cat breed you own, I can recommend many different types of cat food. If you just want the best for your cat, I recommend health. It contains real meat, so much weight that your cat will eat less, and it contains 50% of the protein that your cat needs together. It's also free, which means the cat must eat.

If you are looking for something cheap, PetSmarts Autity nd with the first two ingredients listed as meat is good for your cat and not too bad. The only problem with the authority is that its burden is terrible. The canned variety has no source of fiber and is very low in moisture.

For the middle of the road, natural balance is the best choice. Hardly suitable for health, except that it contains wine-making yeast. It is a great choice for most pet care applications because it is very cost effective.

In general, almost everything you buy on WalMart is not good for your cat. Visit PetSmart and see some of their products. Make your own decision based on the ingredients. It is best to look for real meats (not called by-products or derivatives). Very few grains, especially corn, fruits and vegetables, are always beneficial and have good moisture content. Ash is also good for eating, because the more it is used, the worse the quality of the meat.

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Whiskas Or Felix