Which Vinyl Flooring You Need; Hybrid, Luxury, or Traditional?

Wherever you enter, you visualize the space, but the truth is you already get interact with the floor as you enter the place. The very first step you put on the ground, your foot can figure out which kind of flooring is it; wooden, marble, or ceramic, isn’t it?

Flooring is the passion for every architect, or interior designer who doesn’t make it look cheap, or average at any cost. Just like the first impression of interior designing at first glance, good flooring is something that also catches the attention

Coming one step further, if you need the best flooring option for a residential project, then the majority of people go for heterogeneous vinyl flooring covering, here the question is which type of vinyl they choose; traditional, luxury, or hybrid. Among the diversified variety of vinyl flooring options, the catch lies in choosing what to choose and why

Here we going to discuss types of vinyl flooring;

Which Type of Vinyl Flooring to Consider?

The vinyl comes in three different types including

Traditional vinyl, luxury vinyl, and hybrid vinyl. The common trait shared by all three flooring types is, they’re waterproof, durable, and easy to clean, etc. yet it varies from type to type.

Each vinyl type is made with a different structure, constitution, and so does the manufacturing process for each differs. Hence, the features they share differs to some extent

The traditional vinyl is made with soft texture with moderated backing and has soft underfoot while remaining hard and durable. The traditional vinyl often comes in sheet form for convenient installation in rooms, and they’re reasonable as well

Luxury vinyl has a variable thickness and plank forms. It carries the look of timber or natural stone which gives it a more original look

Hybrid vinyl is built for durability and impact resistance which combines the best aspects of laminate and vinyl. What distinguishes it from the above two vinyl types is, hybrid vinyl is built with a rigid limestone core. This makes hybrid vinyl very strong and long-lasting besides the realistic look of the luxury planks

Vinyl sheets or planks?

As the name suggests, sheet vinyl comes in a wide roll which can be installed either in big areas with the least joins. The advantage comes when a stone look or timber prints don’t appear as realistic as planks. However, it provides an appealing look for people who aren’t must inspire to fake a natural wood/stone floor cover.

On other hand, vinyl plank takes more time to install as it has to be placed in juxtaposition with each piece – in other words, piece by piece. However, the vinyl plank has a visual appearance for those who need a natural stone look.