Which Place

Which Place

Grammatically correct: In what place or in what place?

Both are grammatically correct but their meanings are slightly different. What kind of place is this? This is another open investigation, so where? Say there are only so many options, say three or four places, and the answer may be one of these groups.

Good question! Depending on the situation, both are correct. This suggests that the answer must come from the various places that were discussed. For example: Where is your favorite place to go?

The answer is that there are infinite possibilities. You do not have to choose between options that have already been discussed or considered. For example: What place in the universe would you like to go to [all places in the universe]?

In short, its elements require answers to many elements. What color do you prefer, red or orange?

Unlimited number of items required answers. What is your favorite color

Which places are right when you only see one place?

Who cares if you have enough cess.

Depending on the context

If you are there and you are considering where you are, what kind of place is this? Where am I? where are we? Where?

If you go there, can you tell us where we are going? where are we going? Or if someone says you're leaving, can you tell me where? which place? What kind of place is this? English is very flexible.

Which Place