Whey Concentrado Ou Isolado

Whey Concentrado Ou Isolado

Concentrated or isolated serum? Which or email? 3

Hi guys, I want to know what kind of whey protein I concentrate or separate, I do hypertrophy and I take Alina, but because of a special effect I decided to buy something, But there is nothing more than a qualification difference between the bones No brand tips?

The same protein, molten or hydrolyzed, accumulated or isolated and accumulated or concentrated.

Recommend Solaris brand.

Oh! Okay fine?

Whey protein can help me win, but there's more.

Too much efficient means there are already big issues

To get your muscles ... not only me but my boyfriend, we are too thin!

I know that day we decided to change our lives and yes we already have.

Reach the body whenever we want, thank you

Of course a friend showed us! Link He put it to me.

There I know of a site that teaches MA formulas. To win

Muscular but relaxed, or website: http://goo.gl/1COcU4

I want to watch this video with some data on building muscle:


As everyone can see, there was a big difference between whey and the same protein before it came on the market. Kontém isolated properties are very well used for the two supplements industry, properties are not used. Compare with other differences, or whey isolate uto com will be very helpful for x cost. You pay more for less, it doesn't expire in history to differentiate results, it becomes money for your investment. It is better to buy 3 kg of the same protein concentrate than 900 grams of the same isolate.

Whey Concentrado Ou Isolado