What is The Meaning of WHERE YOU LIVE?

You can define WHERE YOU LIVE as, area `The area you drive the most has a significant effect on your reward. For example, if you live in the center of a busy city, the traffic is heavier and the risk of an accident is higher than in rural areas.

Literal Meanings of WHERE YOU LIVE


Meanings of WHERE:
  1. Or at what place or place.

  2. Till, I or Who (Used after mentioning a place or situation)

  3. The place or situation where

  4. East.

  5. While

Sentences of WHERE
  1. where do u live?

  2. I first saw it in Paris, where I lived in the early 1960's.

  3. I live here


Meanings of YOU:
  1. This speaker is used to indicate the person you are talking to.

  2. It is usually used to refer to anyone.

Sentences of YOU
  1. You heard

  2. Over time, you'll get used to it


Meanings of LIVE:
  1. Stay alive

  2. Living in a special place or with a special person.

  3. Like or during a real event or performance.

  4. Neither dead nor alive

  5. Musical performances mean not being recorded in a concert.

  6. (Cable or device) connected to a power source.

  7. (About a title or topics) current or current interests and interests

Sentences of LIVE
  1. The doctor said he had only six months left to live.

  2. I have lived in New England all my life

  3. The match will be broadcast live

  4. Live animal

  5. Does traditional music stay up most of the night?

  6. He died when a power line fell into a river.

  7. In the future, the institution of Europe has become a traditional subject

Synonyms of LIVE

active, current, have one's home, of current interest, have one's residence, electrified, topical, alive, charged, contemporary, having life, reside, be settled, breathing, connected, living, powered, switched on