Where Is Mango Chutney In Grocery Store

Where Is Mango Chutney In Grocery Store

Where can I find the sauce at the grocery store (Kruger)? 3

The recipe I use for this game is mango / peach or blueberry sauce.

I usually make my own sauce, but I don't have time.

Where will you be in the supermarket?

Probably across the street from my Krugers ketchup and spices.

Find Kruger Grocery.

I also had a hard time finding it!

I found out where they have pickles and olives and things. All gourmets. Not on one shelf, but on the same island. There are also sauces and condiments.

I don't know Kruger, but there's an Asian part of my shop where you can buy water chestnuts, that's where I got the sauce. I am fine

Sorry, that doesn't really answer your question.

But what is sauce?

I always wonder.

I don't think I've seen it on Krugers before.

But I don't know what it is so I can lose it.

Iffy was right, I saw him right where he said the other day.

In my van, I'm with my mother-in-law and my barbecue.

Where Is Mango Chutney In Grocery Store