Where Is Flaxseed In Grocery Store

Where Is Flaxseed In Grocery Store

Where can I get flax seeds in the supermarket? 3

I tried to put flax seed in my tea but couldn't find it ... I'm not sure what it is, but many stomach recipes need it.

If you have a barley dealer around you, he has grain and everything. All they have is an electronic plastic bag that looks like a coffee bean bag. . . If you can't find it, ask. If you don't go to a health food store, you'll have it (for information, I really need it in the fridge) ... it tastes like nuts, I sprinkled it on top of the muesli.

Find ground flax seeds.

It's in the floor department of my grocery store and it's labeled flaxseed or flaxseed flour.

Mild flax seeds are more commonly found in health food stores than in supermarkets. I like flax seeds, yogurt, bread and the like. Try to buy only what you can use at a time, as crushed flax seeds can spoil very quickly.

I don't know if it's ground or not, but I only saw flax seeds in the vitamin section. In CVS ...

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Where Is Flaxseed In Grocery Store

Where Is Flaxseed In Grocery Store

This should be in the pharmacy's dietary supplement or IC section. HyVee is in both areas.

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Where Is Flaxseed In Grocery Store