Where Can You Find Best Cooking Recipes?

Food is the basic necessity of life, and we all want to eat good food. Food provides us with energy for our daily activities and is necessary for our growth and development. We require food as it promotes health and plays an important role in preventing different diseases.

Having good food with our friends and family members help us to relish some memorable moments and adds pleasure to our lives. As the prevailing situation of a pandemic does not allow us to dine out, we can enjoy some good food at home by trying some popular websites that offer the best cooking recipes online.

Different Websites for Food Recipes:

A good food recipe website contains every little detail about cooking and contains a lot of visual aids in the form of pictures and videos that are very helpful for the cook. These websites act as easy access and can help beginners to cook something really good.

Here is the list of websites that provide simple, easy, and tempting recipes that are a must try to enjoy with your loved ones:

Food Network:

The food network is among the top websites that provide their visitors with the best food recipes. They have a huge number of people that follow their recipes because they have many grabbing ways to inspire people and catch their attention with the help of their unique and delicious recipes.

They are not only serving the people with their website but have a huge network so that people from different backgrounds can have an easy approach towards their recipes. They share their recipes through radio, magazines, and television. They have 23 million followers who visit their website regularly and enjoy their recipes.

It acts as a trustable source because they offer you to watch videos from previous shows and enables individuals to have recipes that are loved by people.

Eating Well:

The name of the website has its main goal and aim; it is present to help people focus on eating well. This website provides its visitors with the food that is best suited for your health. These also provide many effective diet plans that are helpful in weight loss and help you to lead a balanced life.

This website provides individuals with custom diet plans prepared by certified dieticians and nutritionists. These diet plans are based on different diet plans such as whole 30, keto, gluten-free, paleo, 0 sugar, and low carb.

This website also has a magazine that is being published for 25 years. This website provides its visitors with many easy kitchen tricks and hacks with a lot of pictures and videos and teaches different styles of cooking.


This website has an amazing viewership because of their lustful video recipes. These videos show super delicious recipes with simple ingredients and prepare many mouthwatering recipes.

These videos are created in such a manner that attracts a lot of food lovers and persuade them to share it with other people too. This website is also making use of Facebook, where a lot of people follow and like their videos.

It is because of their high-quality recipes that their simple videos are liked by millions of people, and these videos become viral in a matter of seconds after they are uploaded.


Food.com is also known by another name Genius Kitchen. It has a relatively less number of followers as compared to other websites, but this is the website that holds every special recipe that you may look for.

This website is unique in the sense that it has allowed its visitors to create their profiles on the website that can help them in saving their desired recipes over there so they can have them at any time. This website contains almost 500,000 individual recipes, which makes it very simple and easy to find the desired recipe.


Delish is a website that provides content and videos regarding food recipes for the website in contrast to Tasty that makes exclusive videos. But it is similar in action to Tasty as it creates interesting videos for foodies.

This website provides its visitors with many helpful tips, hacks, hints, and plans for different food-related ideas. Their videos have recipes that are not only tested and trusted by people but also contain good reviews of the visitors.

This site contains a huge database containing not only recipes but many different topics about food with different options for a filter. It is very easy to handle this website and can make you lost in it for a good time.

Betty Crocker:

This is the website that is working for a century and is creating many mouthwatering cookbooks and recipes. This is the oldest website currently working in America and is helping people through different platforms such as books, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and food products.

Betty Crocker has about 12 million followers every month, and this is because of their hard work and recipes that make them stand out from all other websites. Their huge database is based on unique and original recipes that provide them with all the fame and popularity they hold.


This site serves the best content ever regarding food and different food recipes. This website is working for the last 20 years and contains 50,000 recipes that are loved by its followers and visitors.

Though this number of recipes is quite less when we talk about other websites, these recipes are selected and shortlisted after regular testing, and the best recipes are shared with the people.


Yummly is a recipe website that shares their recipes and videos on Snapchat and Facebook to increase their viewership. They share simple and precise videos that are even used by other websites after some modifications, but no one can beat the recipes provided by Yummly.

Yummly provides its visitors with different diet plans and has 2 million recipes in its database. This website allows you to create a free account that enables you to save content that can be used for future use. This website provides you with meal plans that are created following your desires and needs.