Where Can I Weigh My Dog

Where Can I Weigh My Dog

Can I weigh my dog ​​with a scale? 3

I was wondering if I could scale my dog's weight ...

If no purchase is recommended ...


These great ideas are all great, but does anyone know of a place I would recommend ??

How's Petko?

When you take it again, you can ask your doctor to weigh it. It should be free. There is a way to do this, but it still requires the use of a ladder. When you find someone to guide the dog and reach the scale, let that person climb alone, you can all lose weight and you will get the weight of your dog. I now.

Dog scale

If the dog is small, the easiest solution is an idea. If your dog is too old to lift easily, some veterinarians and pet stores have scales for your use. Most animal offices have scales in the reception area and I weighed my pet dog without any hassle.

Take her to the doctor. You have a good weight scale for your dog / cat. It has no value, just ask first) Using human scale or can scale will result in wrong weight, so don't use them!

You can dominate your dog like me. Weigh yourself first, write this number and then get the dog and you will see more than you need and this is the weight of the dog that you will get ??????? He was standing on the scale of the bathroom.

If the dog weighs less than 20 pounds:

Your weight

Keep the dog on a scale while standing on top

Take your weight off yourself and your dog.

I'm fine!

Other questions?

Where Can I Weigh My Dog

Where Can I Weigh My Dog

Put yourself on the scale (chandelier), check your weight,

Get your dog and step on the scale.

Subtract your weight from the other weight and this is your dog's weight.


This is not what I can imagine. Go to the doctor and ask if you can get the canine scale immediately.

Use the bathroom scale. Weigh and note, then peel yourself.

Where Can I Weigh My Dog