Where Can I Sell My Skateboard

Where Can I Sell My Skateboard

Where can I sell my used skateboard? 3

I bought it in 180, the platform is still very good, but the ground is very worn out and the wheels are not good.

Selling on eBay You can auction them off or sell them for a set, for example I use eBay all the time. It is reliable and saves a lot of time. Creating an account is very simple, very easy.

Sell ​​your skateboard.

Half used? Used first? There are only two cases in which something can exist, used or not!

EBay or Craigslist, make sure one of your parents is with you if you want to date someone from Craigslist. The Craigslist is awesome, I played it a few weeks ago and my tires were off every minute the next morning.

This is a great place to sell locally.


Where Can I Sell My Skateboard