When Your Spouse Says Hurtful Things

When Your Spouse Says Hurtful Things

Why does my wife say such bad things when she is angry that she doesn't know what to do next? ۔

I can pick up dirt and even.

But when he says I'm small.

And my mother never loved me.

Worst of all, he said he had a sister, B.

What does my sister have to do with it?

My wife spends the weekend with her mother.

He's still crazy about me

If he says such things to you in the middle of an argument or when he is upset, I think the reason is that he belongs to the category of fighters which I call fighters. And it's not just women's business, it's my sisters who do it, but also ex-girlfriends who do it. Some people say such things just because they are upset and upset and want to take revenge on you, the choice of which they know will hurt you the most, like really horrible things like your mother who You will never like It doesn't matter if it has anything to do with quarrels or relationships, since you say your sister has nothing to do with it, she's just going to do the hard work she can imagine. Is. Most of the time it's hard for me, fighters say things they know aren't true / that they don't believe or don't believe, so never accept what is said in this situation. I mean, you should never think that my mom can't like me, for example. She is a little aunt. That doesn't mean your wife doesn't like you, I think it's just because she's in trouble, seeing a situation out of her control (ie the fight isn't on her way). Going or you are not saying the right thing, to fix!) Then it will effectively kick your leg and make you angry. His extremely destructive behavior makes fights ten times worse, makes you feel bad and maybe makes you feel like you can't trust him to solve your problem because the shell is on your face. She will throw it away when she goes crazy again.

Follow up later? I think you should try to talk to your wife, but everything makes sense to you. Whatever the reason, he learned to fight that way and basically gave up. He is clearly very defensive and moves as soon as he feels emotionally threatened. If I said such things all the time I would say it's just work, but if it's just during a fight and he loves you and takes care of you all the time, I think it's just his The option you need to learn to know. You. Anger / hurt yourself during a fight and rationally talk to yourself about what a real fight is like. Unfortunately, this is because he has been in conflict all his life and it will be difficult / time consuming to get him out of this situation. However, this behavior is not acceptable in any way and you need to understand that you have to work hard and try to control yourself. If it's worth it, I'll tell him why he got hurt first, apologize if necessary, and then talk to him if it hurts me. So I'll try to ignore them (don't ignore it because it's not acceptable, but don't believe it) and I'll do what I can to keep the arguments cool. So that they do not grow. . At level 1, it is not your fault if he reacts in this way and he is the one who really needs to fix it, but when you are calm you will understand. It can help you stay calm and rational.

than me :)

Simple You've done something in the past or a series of things like that, like it or not, it made him feel like you didn't care. Women want us to be praised and praised as men. Actions are usually more than words. Even better when it's over. Use this time for fun instead of feeling bad. Enjoy things because you have to, don't do it. Believe me, this last option is nothing but a loss of respect for the call to mercy. Try to see through their eyes. It is permanent throughout your relationship. I said the relationship is not marriage for some reason. However, don't pay attention to the details of what you said, but think about what you did to the person who hurt you the most. Accept, say you will do your best not to do it again, and stick to your word. You gain honor by your actions, not by your demands. Do this every day. My wife and I are working on the same thing. It's not easy. An alternative is to end the relationship if after a while he doesn't want to work with you anymore and you take it seriously. Life is very safe.

When Your Spouse Says Hurtful Things