When To Watch Inuyasha Movies

When To Watch Inuyasha Movies

How can I watch InuYasha movies? 3

I have set for all four Anusha films and I am now halfway through the series. When can i see For now, I'm going to end Episode 54 where he killed Ryukotsusei. When and in what order can I watch movies? On the back of the box is written:

Severe pain from time to time

The key beyond the Gl search

The sword of the great ruler

And on the mystical island

Tell me without breaking anything!

And if it's not too complicated, are there too many episodes in the whole series?

There are 167 episodes in Inuyasha and 26 episodes in Inuyasha: The Final Act.

The movies don't really follow a plot, but if you want to see a series with movies in chronological order, here's the list:

Movie 1 comes after Episode 055 (Season 2)

Inuyasha: Perpetual discomfort from time to time

Movie 2 comes after Episode 095 (Season 4)

InuYasha: Invisible key

Movie 3 comes after Episode 136 (Season 6)

Anu Yasha: The Noble Ruler's Sword

Movie 4 comes after episode 167, which was the last in the series.

InuYasha: On a mystical island

When To Watch Inuyasha Movies