When to arrange biweekly skype calls for content writers? please vote!

when to arrange a skype call only for new content writers? please leave your comment

suggest a time for monday and Friday.

We want to have 2 calls every week. Suggest time for both. 1 call will be on monday and 1 on Friday.

@abdulrehmanshah you should mention the content group so they can see get a notification for this topic.

The purpose of these calls will be to guide writers and give them feedback on their work. they can also ask any questions if they are stuck on something.

For further guidance you can watch this video:

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I suggest MONDAY 3 PM afternoon

I suggest Monday night after 9 one time in a week is best , just I can pick audio call.

I agree with Rukhsana, night time is best because I am a student and I have to manage my University also.

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I suggest it to be Anytime after 2 PM.

On Monday, evening time will be good for me.

I suggest monday evening as it is more convenient for me.
Thank you.

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Yup same point from mine side, but team moderators are facilitating us by recording video also. So absent people at meeting can easily undrstnd each and everything relating to writing tasks.:hugs:


Yea, Monday evening is the best time. But I cannot arrange a video call, voice call only