When Issued (WI)

When Issued (WI),

When Issued (WI) Meanings:

A one-time (WI) is a conditional transaction because the bonds have been authorized but have not yet been issued. At the time of issuance, the bonds themselves distribute the shares and trade on the issuance of new shares and bonds.

  • On issue (WI) is a conditional transaction where bonds have been authorized but not yet issued.
  • At the time of issue, the bonds themselves, share split and new issues of shares and bonds are traded.
  • Arranged orders are conditional because they cannot be placed, especially if the offer is canceled.
  • The issue market may signal interest, which could lead to a new problem.

When Issued (WI) can be defined as, A symbol with a price in a newspaper list indicating that the quoted price is for a security that has been recognized but has not yet been traded. After the price is split, it is often used to indicate before the split.

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