When Is Jesus Real Birthday

When Is Jesus Real Birthday

Jesus is really the first day !!

I know we celebrated on December 25 ... but when was he really born ...?

May be around August or September during the main harvest.

Well, I'm a Christian. I believe that Jesus Day is a time when people do and do great things for others. Because yes, Jesus wants to be finished one day. Wherever Jesus is the Son, He must have 365 days in a year if it is His third day. Because when the day comes, most people celebrate by doing good to others and treating them well. To answer your question, I think people should have a special day to worship God. Also, if you were born with a guess, no one did. Because at the moment the Romans don't think it's important to record his birthday. For example, that I help and bless. =)

When Is Jesus Real Birthday

When Is Jesus Real Birthday

Not December 25th. British historians have not yet determined the date of his death, and we may never know the date. Back then, things like dates didn't matter. God knows HD, the apostles, or any of the people who appear in the early morning stories.

On the 14th of Nisan, which falls between April and May according to the Roman calendar, Jesus was 33 and a half years old. There, six months later, starting in April, he will turn 34 in October.

He was born in autumn, not winter.

Jesus was not born on December 25 or in the winter! Instead, it is believed that Jesus was born in mid-September. Please read below ...

True Christmas dates back to ancient times, although it was used by apostate Christian churches. The winter solstice, which was the brightest day in the northern hemisphere, was first associated with the sun. It was party time. Named Sterneria by the Romans, this day is very reminiscent of our modern Christmas festivities, when gifts are presented, blockades are made, civic affairs are disrupted, and celebrations are held. It was customary for friends to give gifts to each other, all enmity was over, nothing was left, schools were closed, war was never declared, but all was joy, chaos and deception (Church Lampere Dictionary, Article: ستنورالیا).

Christmas celebrations are not just pre-Christian, they are derived from pagan sun worship, they have nothing to do with the history of the real Messiah, Jesus Christ. We know that? Although wheat does not tell us exactly the exact day of Jesus Christ, it does give us a clear indication of the near future. The Scriptures show that winter is the only time of year when Jesus could not be born.

Luke tells us that in Jesus' day the shepherds still shepherd their flocks (Luke 2: 8). In ancient times, the rains began after the Feast of Tabernacles (usually in early October). In November, when the weather became cold and wet, the herds removed the grazing animals from the meadow and kept them in the winter. The shepherds stopped spending time in the fields with the sheep, as was the case from early spring to autumn.

Most ignore another important test. In Luke 1: 35-36, we know that John, the son of Mary's cousin Elizabeth, was about six months older than Jesus. We hear that John, Zechariah, was an old priest who presided over the temple and burned incense on the altar. When an angel appeared before him, he told him that he and his wife would have a son. This will pave the way. Messiah (v.86 - 17). We almost know when the angel made this announcement because we are told that Zechariah was by way of Aja (vs. 5, King James Version).

How was your journey? Centuries ago, in the time of King David, there were many priests. King David divided them into 24 courtyards (or groups) around the temple. 1 Chronicles 24: 1-19. Aja's course is the eighth of 24 courses, and he usually completes his first week of service at the end of May.

Like Pentecost, the second of three major pilgrimage festivals, it takes place in the first week of June after the eighth course is served "and there are 24 courses in each of the festive seasons." , Or there. If Jane had been pregnant long after her return in mid-June, her third year would have been nine months later, in mid-March. Jesus, six months younger, will be born after mid-September. Of course, this happened while the shepherds were still in the field with their flocks (Luke 2, 8).

Note: Based on a post by Francis Chen and shared on Radio Station 1098KHZ (Radio Philippines).

There is not a single mention of Jesus in Roman history that does not exist! At the same time, there had to be many Jews who claimed to be the Messiah, all in good standing !!

There is not a single modern record by any means, and it was not even mentioned, like all other references, for many years after its adoption.

It should have been a big deal for the Romans and it was amazing, but isn't it still a modern album?

Even mention of it, like all other references, is not written until the years of their adoption!

Pilate is listed in the Roman Archives as missing something, but no mention of Jesus, judgment or crucifixion is used to end it!

Best of all, it was a fusion of these others !!

Do i really know

LDS Church () believes it has identified April 6.

(LDS Church was easily organized on the same day).

This belief is based on the first verse of the 1830 Revelation of Joseph Smith, which gives the date of the official restoration of the church.

On our last day, the testimony of the Church of Christ, one thousand and thirty-eight years after the incarnation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is regularly carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations of our country. In the fourth month and on the sixth day of the lunar month, which is called April (D&C 20: 1).

I don't trust Joseph Smith as much as I can resist him ... :)

Maybe in late September or early October.

When Is Jesus Real Birthday