When Does Harry Potter Take Place

When Does Harry Potter Take Place

Harry, what time is it?

I read everywhere that the Battle of Gorts took place in 1998, which is a shame because I always thought that today's books have happened, any explanation for that is welcome.

Harry's years in Guarts ended in the 1990s.

There are two strong references in the book that say I understand

Nick's birthday cake says he died on October 1, 1492. This is his 500th day, which means Harry's second year is 1992/1993.

Torz's tomb was later claimed to have died on October 31, 1981. He had one death at the time of Harry's death, meaning he was born in 1980 and born in 1991.

Seven years after 1991, 1998 was certainly a year of struggle.

But it helps, and sorry for the long and boring answer, I t follow!

Harry was born in 1980, which means he was 11 years old in 1991 and was sent to Guarus. The war for Guarts took place between 1997 and 1998, he said.

JKR has written this so that it does not go out of style and anyone can read a book at any time, but yes, it is true.

Harry was born in 1980. This means that the first book was published 11 years later in 1991. Yes, the seventh book was published in 1998.

The first book was not published until 1997 (1998 in the United States). So basically the timeline of the story just released this year is over. No, they don't go together.

Also note that JKRS has been writing for a long time since someone was ready to edit and publish it. Although it was possible today, when he saw it, when people read it, it was many years ago.

When Does Harry Potter Take Place

When Does Harry Potter Take Place

This action took place between 1991 and 1998 (with a small scene from 1981, Chapter 1 of Philosophy Stone)

Every year is Harry's Day, which falls in late July and ends in June next year.

The stone of philosophy has been closed there since 199192

9293 Chamber of Secrets

Prisoner of Azkaban since 9,394

Rent 9495

Pen order from 95 to 96

Prince of Blood Mix 9697

And he and the Hallows ended the last battle: 9798

1991 Harry is 11 years old and in his first year of school. And, as others have said, there are some small areas where he sets the date. She was about 18 years old when she said and did everything, so the fight started in the spring of 1998. Rowling has or maintains the Wasley Family Tree somewhere on its website. I printed He was born in 1980.

The book states that Harry's parents were in 1981, which means he was born in 1980 and is 17 years old, but it was December, which means the fight took place in 1998. I can't imagine how difficult it was then. So I always pretend I never read that part of the book and copy it all the time. I think JKR is trying not to write too much in books that appear from time to time.

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When Does Harry Potter Take Place