When Adp Gains A Phosphate To Form Atp

When Adp Gains A Phosphate To Form Atp

What if ADP is a Phsphate form for ATP? 3

The loss of A. psiphate releases free energy.

B. Energy consumption

C. The reaction ends.

D. Chemical energy is converted into light energy.

E. Ribose loses oxygen in deoxyribose.

B ... Bonds between phosphate groups are anhydride bonds with high electronic repulsion. This reaction requires energy input, so the reaction is unfavorable and energy is lost, hence the B reaction.

For the respondent below, the bond between neighboring phosphates is an anhydride bond, not a Pspster bond. A PS pasteur bond is formed when the 5-phosphate of one ribose binds to the 3-hydroxyl of another ribose. PS pasteur binds to nucleic acids in DNA. In fact, the energy stored in anhydride bonds is used to make PS pasteur bonds. Most nucleotides in DNA have a trihat group position at 5 ribose. 3-Hydroxyl releases 7 kcal / mol energy from one ribose to another by breaking the nucleophile anhydride bond. Since pspster bonds require 3 or 4 kcal / mol of energy, this is sufficient. Furthermore, this crack produces a pyrophate molecule (two phosphates attached to an anhydride) that can be cleaved to provide 7 kcal / mol extra energy.

I'm not very specific about what to invite here, but I picked it up because of the fact that turning off ATP and restoring ATP is used throughout the phone. ATP3 is a group of acute stages, often used for vital cells while the cells take the initiative, especially for pumping ions or synthesizing proteins. ATP can be manufactured with 2 properties: ADP + ADP> ATP + AMP (ADP provides Psphat to fill various ATP molecules) ADP + CrP> ATP + Cr (Creatine is another non-permanent accumulation, ATP end In the case of ATP, the oxidative stress of the mother sugar is broken down and restored. Does, which increases the concentration, which is called ATP synthesis, which he uses.

When Adp Gains A Phosphate To Form Atp

When Adp Gains A Phosphate To Form Atp

The answer is B. This is because when an additional phosphate group is added to the PSP Destroy Bonds ADP, they are very energetic and must provide energy for the cell to react.

ADP + P + ATP energy

= D.

B. Energy is used because it is a side effect.

When Adp Gains A Phosphate To Form Atp