WhatsApp vs. Signal vs. Telegram: Features & Privacy

As you all know, earlier, I used to use letters to talk to each other and people used to wait for many weeks to know what is the response to that letter, but nowadays I have many such The app has come with the help of which you can write a letter to anyone, anytime, and he gives you a reply in a few moments. Today we will tell you about some similar apps and also about Security.

What is the messenger?

Messenger is a way of conversation to each other and we can say that it’s a mode of communication by which we can share our words from one person to other person

There are several types of messengers which are listed here are as follows:-


WhatsApp is a platform at which we can transfer our words in the form of writing. And Whatsapp helps easy us in sharing our views. Its uses over the internet. Provides almost all the facilities that you all need like sending words, images, videos, files etc. You can also create a group of 256 people in WhatsApp which helps us to connect so many people’s at that place. You can message many other people at the same time with the help of WhatsApp, in this you also get voice calls and video calls, but you can add only 8 people to a group video call.

WhatsApp allows you to set your own story like Instagram. WhatsApp allows you to send any type of file to anyone, but to use it, the file size must be valid, For photos, videos, and audio files, the limit is 16 MB. While the size of all other documents are up to 100MB. With the help of your WhatsApp, you can send your live location to anyone and I believe that many users will be using this Feature.


Telegram app also gives you many features just like WhatsApp. In this, you get to chat and group chat facilities just like WhatsApp, but you can create a group of 200,000 people in it. It gives you many more features such as bots, polls, quizzes, hashtags, and more that help make group experiences more enjoyable. Do you know that you can share a file of up to 1.5GB in size on Telegram? This application you can use on both Android and ios.


Signal provides secure messaging, voice, and video calls to all of its users, and encrypts all types of communications end-to-end. Signal provides secure messaging, voice, and video calls to all of its users, and encrypts all types of communication end-to-end. In addition, you can also group in it, but it lets you group multiple logos at once. Does not allow to message. Signal allows you to relay voice calls to your server with the help of which you can hide your identity from everyone.



WhatsApp introduced its end-to-end encryption in 2016 which is available on every single mode of communication, which helps in enabling the app. So WhatsApp encrypts all your messages, video calls, voice calls, photos, and everything you send end-to-end. Do you know that WhatsApp uses the E2E protocol created by Open Whisper Systems, which is the name behind Signal Messenger?

This is a good thing to see because the signal protocol is a type of open source and it is peer-reviewed extensively, and it is usually one of the best protocols to implement end-to-end encryption in messaging platforms Is considered one of. WhatsApp does a very good job of ensuring security for its users.


Telegram provides a good level of security to its users and at the same time supports Telegram E2E encryption, using E2E encryption on Telegram you can use this feature to keep your chat secret. Whereas Telegram says that you can manage your message by collecting and decryption keys in such a way that many laws and court orders of the world will be required to access your data.

Telegram groups are not encrypted because clandestine chats are only supported for single-user communication and, in addition, Telegram’s desktop clients cannot support E2E encryption on any platform other than MacOS.

The signal is one step closer than the others and it encrypts its metadata as well. To protect users’ privacy from all kinds of corners, Signal has created a new way to communicate between the sender and recipient called seal sender. Actually, with a seal sender, no one will find out where the message is coming from and who is unmasking which ensures privacy.

Final Thoughts

The signal encrypts all local files with a 4 digit passphrase by default and you can do this if you want to create an encrypted local backup. The application supports encrypted group calls.
I hope you will like all the information given by me, because I have provided you with all kinds of information related to apps like WhatsApp / Signal / Telegram in this article. According to your security and convenience, you can choose which messenger app you should use.