WhatsApp Alternatives You Can Use In 2021

Facebook purchased WhatsApp messenger some years back, and now, with the recent change in the privacy policy of WhatsApp, a lot of contradictions have been moving around over the Internet.

However, it is also true that WhatsApp has been an excellent app for the past few years and is one of the top messaging and voice calling apps.

So, what is this new privacy policy of WhatsApp that made many users switch to other messaging and calling apps?

Well, according to the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, it will share all your information with its parent company Facebook.

WhatsApp States:

"Our Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) clarifies our information works on, including the data we interaction to offer our Types of assistance.

For instance, our Privacy Policy discusses what data we gather and how this influences you. It additionally clarifies the means we take to ensure your security, such as building our Services so conveyed messages aren’t put away by us and giving you command over who you communicate with on our Services.

We are one of the Facebook Companies. You can learn all the more further underneath in this Privacy Policy about the manners by which we share data across this group of organizations.
This Privacy Policy applies to the entirety of our Services except if indicated something else."

I know it is a bit weird being a WhatsApp user to share your personal information with Facebook. So, you always have an option to switch to other alternatives.

Top 3 WhatsApp Alternatives

Replacing WhatsApp can be quite challenging, but some of the messengers have been able to give it a hard competition. That’s very impressive and encouraging as well.

The following are the top 3 WhatsApp alternatives you can use in 2021; let’s have a look at what makes them capable of replacing WhatsApp.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger has been one of the best messaging apps like WhatsApp. Some of the fantastic features of Telegram include creating groups with up to 100,000 participants, share files with a maximum size of 1.5 Gb, end-to-end encryption, and much more.

However, there is one drawback of using Telegram that most people don’t know about. You must be thinking about what it is. Well, it doesn’t allow encryption for all of its chats! You have to make a “secret chat” when you wish to make your conversation with someone end-to-end encrypted.

For sharing such big size files, make sure you are using one of the Spectrum Internet Packages to avoid any slow speed issues.

Signal Private Messenger

The most exciting thing is that Signal foundation is the same company that offers the end-to-end encryption service to Facebook and WhatsApp messenger. However, Signal has also released its own messaging app with the same encryption feature.

Signal Private Messenger has many more security features than WhatsApp messenger. It prevents anyone from taking screenshots of your messages and offers you a self-destructing messages feature.

Therefore, if your primary concern is privacy – your best shot at choosing a messenger is to go with Signal.


The best thing about KiK is that it offers you to use chat and calling services without providing your phone number with it. Unlike WhatsApp, you don’t have to feel insecure while sharing your phone number with KiK because it doesn’t require it in the first place.

You can use your email address to sign up with the KiK chat and calling service. Kik has all of the features, including emojis, stickers, video sharing, photos sharing, and much more.

Although it might be good for some people that it doesn’t share a mobile number, for others, it can be a bit tricky. Many professional operations need the phone number to connect to each other.

The Bottom Line

Due to the sudden change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy, most people are thinking of switching to other messaging and calling apps. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is all about sharing the user’s information with its parent ccompany Facebook.

Although it has delayed the new policy’s implementation, it’s still there and can be implemented anytime soon. Therefore, to rely on WhatsApp doesn’t seem to be a wise decision at all.

A lot of people are not satisfied with the security of WhatsApp anymore. However, with this uncertain step from WhatsApp, the whole world has been split into different categories – like there are some on Telegram, some on Signal, and some on other messaging apps. So, there is no universal app to connect with each other. If you feel that privacy is your main concern, try one of the WhatsApp messenger alternatives.

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