What's Up Shawty

What's Up Shawty

What does that mean, Shooty? ? ۔

I often hear this from my stepfather's clients, and what does it mean when it comes to some kind of approval?


I'm not sure, but I'm only 13.

Does this mean that Shati is a form of Serti, which usually means a woman or someone who has SRT?

In fact, I've never been so stressed out. I don't really know what that means. I know a little bit, you know, it's hard to explain.

It was a very relaxing greeting. It is used for people who are equal to wm you already know.

Shati Serti. Not as an insult. Like a friend

What Foul Language Is Used: OK? what happened. Who are you abusing?

What's Up Shawty