What's Repetition Compulsion?

Repetition is actually one of the principles Nature works through. But when you have negatively oriented repetitive cycles your life lies complicated with higher Entropy. Repetition compulsion is nothing but the psychological block you have, which prevents you from achieving your true self.

What Repetition compulsion is:

It’s the state of mind you have as a result of some subliminal programming you became exposed to. It’s the result of your traumatized past. Repetition compulsion shows that human life can be programmed. Repetition compulsion makes sure that you repeat your own or someone else’s past mistakes. It’s your tendency to let yourself have the repetitive patterns of victimhood or victimisation.

It also forces you to inflict the victimisation you were subject to, on to someone else. In other words it’s the way you have chosen to perpetuate your sad or bad life situations without your actual knowledge throughout your life and you start to enjoy it.

Why it happens:

The Mind is the distorted projection of your brain. The Mind can easily be programmed the way you want.http://bit.ly/2IdRo95.