What Would You Do If Your Son Was At Home

What Would You Do If Your Son Was At Home

What would you do if your baby was crying alone in the bathroom? ۔

And the only way to feed him is to sleep with the man for money, he is no longer a father, he smokes a little now, outdoors, I don't work anymore. Please tell me what you are going to do. I work around the corner but can I change my situation?

You get food stamps. There is nothing wrong with putting food in your baby's mouth as needed. You don't work on the street because my mom feeds us and I hate her! He will be more proud to know that his mother has filled out the necessary paperwork to help him. (And finally got the job)

Don't despair because it's an easy job for you, every job is a job. Fix me

Clean up your life and find a job. Even if it is a temporary job or a job in a fast food restaurant, it is better not to do any job.

In addition to working, she goes to school and earns a diploma, handicrafts.

Get help from the state until you wake up again, they even pay for day care when you go to school and work.

Working in a corner will only make matters worse for you and you may lose your child if social services consider you free.

Don't let your child ■■■■■■ the system and rule your life and try to make things better for yourself and your child.

What Would You Do If Your Son Was At Home