What Type Of Coolant For Toyota Sienna

What Type Of Coolant For Toyota Sienna

What type of coolant should I use in a 2004 Toyota Cena? 3

Who owns the car now, red or pink?

Your 2004 Sienna needs a super long life cooler, it's pink, not red (this is for older Toyota cars), only available in the Toyota 50/50 Mix!

The refrigerant type is AT (hybrid IC acid technology).

Note: You are going to save your Leather of Distribution from 90 000 or 108 mois, at the moment it, the leather, the pomp eau and the tender of the leather and the liquefaction of the liquid at the same time.

It is a durable coolant that is thought to have anti-corrosion properties and does not need to be changed frequently. Consult your manual for accurate coolant intervals and coolant replacement.

If you have money, ask your dealer for a change. Or you can buy soda there and change it yourself.

This red or pink coolant is commonly known as G12 and is mostly used in Audi and VW cars. Use the same coolant. It is best to contact your dealer's service department and ask.

What Type Of Coolant For Toyota Sienna