What Two Colors Make Red

What Two Colors Make Red

Answer this puzzle: If red and blue make purple, what are the 2 colors that make red and blue?

Red = Magenta + Yellow

Blue = magenta + cyan

Red and blue

What do the two colors purple do?

I always choose red / yellow / blue.

I got the information that made me realize that this is not true! You have to go to the website to see the chart.

Extra color is found in televisions, computer monitors and stage lighting. How to combine these colors is often misunderstood. Both methods can be more easily explained by the diagram.

Much remains to be said for this diagram. Just left, leave. The first thing you'll notice is that our elementary school art teachers lied to us when they said the basic colors were red, yellow and blue. They are actually cyan, magenta and yellow. The combination of red, yellow and blue makes the color very cloudy. For example, the combination of yellow and blue produces gray instead of burgundy. You may also find that the colors for your printer are sine, magenta and yellow ink. Using all three inks (too much for dark colors), the printer can produce almost any color.

The penetrating color, as the name implies, is reduced when mixed. Each time color is added, it reflects less light, darkening the mixed color. This is because each primary color absorbs a certain portion of the color spectrum. When the three primary colors are combined, they absorb the entire spectrum without light up to our spins (which we estimate).

Now let's talk about the colors involved. Joining colors are opposite to side colors. Mixed secondary colors (red, green, and blue) are now primary colors. If you combine red, green, and blue light, you get soy, mangenta, and yellow (yes, if you combine the three). Whenever different colors are mixed, the result will be lighter.

If no additional colors are found, here's an easy way to try them out. Take three flashlights and a plastic film or red, green and blue. Full, dark-colored films work much better than pastel tones. Coat each flashlight license in a different film color and experiment with a wonderful combination of three lights from the same lamp on the wall.

Lastly, you may have noticed on the chart that extra and subtractive graphic colors are not found. This is because the ink is a perfect cyan or perfect yellow instead of a perfect red light. Because of this, when you print images on a color printer, green sometimes looks a little blurry, and sometimes bright colors turn black. Because of this, computer screens show more colors than printers. The range of colors that the device can display is called the color space.

The raw colors are blue and red hahaha

Good joke, it made me think for a moment. XD

Red and blue become red and blue.

Red and blue are the primary colors, which means you can't mix other colors to get them.

What Two Colors Make Red

What Two Colors Make Red

Strawberries and Blueberries MDR. Just a dream. Well, red and blue! These are my favorite colors, which are red and blue!

Neither red nor blue

What Two Colors Make Red