What To Do When Someone Harrasses You

What To Do When Someone Harrasses You

What do I do if someone bothers me? 3

I know I have to go to the police ... but I don't want to do any drama ... this woman is obsessed with my father she keeps calling us We changed our numbers, but this monster still has. He does it all the time and again and again and again. My dad no longer lives with me and my mom, but he doesn't believe me, he calls and hangs up when I answer. I have recorded my mother insulting you ... but we do not want drama ... is police our only option?


What if he had my recording too? Sometimes when she calls I hit her and tell her she's a crazy ■■■■■, especially if she calls around 3 in the morning I surprise her.

There is little or no drama when you call the police. And why would you want to protect that person without informing them? Harassment calls and threats can be types of criminal harassment. Now there are laws against this behavior.

The obsessive call is one of the first stages. Things can get worse if you don't stop right now: drive your car, call your office, call your friends or call your church, spread gold, tarnish your family name, more violent incidents. Can happen

Protecting yourself and your family should be a top priority. Calling the police can save you some trouble.

Don't take it lightly!


Okay, you can still try to talk to the woman, but it doesn't seem to matter more than her voice. I think the best option is the police. You seem to be in trouble (do you have any mental illness or medical treatment?) And you never know that your obsession will get worse. It can hurt you, your mother or even your father. I think it's better to go to the police because it can be serious. Unstable people say you don't really want to deal with them.

What To Do When Someone Harrasses You