What Tequila Has The Worm In It

What Tequila Has The Worm In It

Which tequila and what are the bugs in it? ۔

I'm looking for a bottle of tequila with insects ... not too expensive ... my friend has agreed to eat insects when I buy tequila ... I don't really know where to look or what to look for ۔

Yes, this is mesquite, a cheap tequila made from agave bits.

A friend of mine in Mexico bought a pair called dos gusanos, which translates into two verses in English. It was the most unpleasant taste I've ever tasted and there were definitely two bugs in the bottle. Insects are larvae that eat Agio.

Once, after a long time at the bar, I persuaded a friend to eat one of the bugs. He did and I recorded it. this is awesome.

Tickle with worms.

Tequila knot

Tequila History:

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Another interesting flaw is the urban myth associated with insects. The never-ending myth of the bottle is old and tired. The truth has been spread and exposed by Tequila experts in newspapers, magazines and on the internet for many years. Yes, yes, some Americans bottle each other up to impress the company and increase sales, but it was a marketing ploy developed in the 1940s, not a Mexican tradition.

If you're looking for an insect repellent, don't go for less that your full potential. Mezcal is not only tequila it can also not be used. Tequila comes mainly from blue olives, while mescal can be extracted from blue agave, as well as other local maggi varieties in the area.

The use of insects or moths is specifically for mescaline, as the Mexican regulatory authority NOM prohibits the inclusion of insects or larvae in the tick. It seems to be a ritual for many people to grab the first mescaline or eat the worms from under the bottle. When you drink a bottle of mescaline worm, you actually have the larvae of one of the two butterflies that live on the maggot plant in your bottle. It is a butterfly that feeds the agave plant from which the mescal comes. There are two types of worms in the mescal: the red worm, the red worm, which is considered better because it lives in the roots and heart of the planted maggot, and the less valuable worm and, or the golden worm, that lives. Scroll Check the colors to find out which bugs are in your bottle. The red worm disappeared on the mescal and the gold turned gray. When searching for mescaline, you may also find a mescaline bottle containing a small bag of salt and pepper powder. Keep in mind that premium mescalines usually do not contain worms in the bottle.

Want to know if you should eat bugs? Yes, it is actually quite soaked and pesticide free because the insects are usually cultivated, boiled and soaked in alcohol for one year only. In addition to its use in mescaline, magsi moth is considered a delicacy in Mexico. Larvae are commonly used as food. They can be found on the menus of some restaurants and can be sold at Zack Market. Insects are harmless to eat and some traditions believe that they are beneficial to the brain and inhibit the powers of the musculoskeletal system.

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It's a mezzanine and you can see on the right that you threw the bottle and saw the bugs so it's easy to find.

What Tequila Has The Worm In It