What Sounds Good For Dinner

What Sounds Good For Dinner

What's so good about dinner?

It's Friday so order this or pizza!

One and a half inches thick. Slowly grind out the marinated Porter House stack. Crispy fries, with sweet and fresh salad and light ginger wine, say 1998 or 1999.

Then, for dessert, bathe in 100 natural natural French vanilla ice cream, imported chocolate Hollandis sauce, topped with mint leaves.

Then a glass of indie and cigar.

What Sounds Good For Dinner

What Sounds Good For Dinner

I thought of billions for dinner, it's perfect for me !! I'll order it for dinner:

2 roast beef with arby hobby

1 large order of fries

1 apple rotation

1 chocolate or strawberry smoothie

Just thinking about this food makes my stomach bloat !! :(

Shrimp with garlic

I like spaghetti with bacon, salad, mushrooms, chives, peppers, tomatoes, celery, beans, bachos, crushed cheese and boiled eggs. Bread with garlic. Fresh fruit salad for dessert.

Steak with vegetables and cheesecake for dessert and served with mashed potatoes, wine or champagne! feel good ? I know this gray.

Inquired chicken, rice and broccoli with mushroom cream soup on top. It's fast and easy

Bitter chicken.

Actually, this place serves food here, so I will eat while watching the movie.

Of course you should not eat fast food, but you can have steamed vegetables Ni and E, chicken and red wine :) Next, some apples and walnuts.

Olive steak with fried rice. Hmmm

What Sounds Good For Dinner