What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair

What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair

What percentage of people in the world have blonde hair and blue eyes? 3

Because I know that 15% of the ions in the world should be E, and then 1/3 of them have blue eyes (5%) and 1/6 of them have blonde hair (24%) but I thought That would be less because I rarely saw these functions. Most of the whites you see are fake whites and I have learned to tell the difference. Months have passed since I saw Natural Platinum Blonde, it's weird.

Uncle's answer tells me it's 33% of the world, but I don't think so. Is it possible when only 15% of the world is and?


Your hair looks blonde or blonde on your avatar. Platinum whites are found in Scandinavia, but you don't seem to have them.

Yes, and some babies are born with black hair that becomes blonde and most babies are blonde, but they become siblings at a young age.

I'm talking about whites.

And it's not an impossible state, otherwise you don't read these estimates in news articles. Simple random patterns and common sense can also help.

What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair


What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair

1/6 of people have blonde hair, which represents 24% of the world's ions (I read about it on Wikipedia).

I know I just said that platinum blonde hair should be like one percent FACTION, it's weird ...

1 in 6 (16.6%) may be an overstatement. I can't do that right now, but I've seen 1 out of 8 (12.5%) Caucasian blondes of different colors. Anyway, it's impossible to get accurate statistics, but there are definitely real whites out there.

Blonde hair is a physical feature that originated in Europe and is found only in large numbers in Europe. Why remains a mystery, but theory and. Most people around the world also have (deep) and deep hair. In particular, the nine northern European countries bordering the Baltic Sea have the highest proportion of whites:






Three Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia


Norway is the only Scandinavian country that is not part of the Baltic states, but shares a border with Sweden in the west.

Central regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland have the highest proportion of whites in the world: 80%

European Blonde Map:

23% of the world's population is naturally blonde, while 8% of the world's population has blue eyes. So only a small part of the world is blonde and blue. Difficult European countries are on average in the world (23%), for example in Greece 10.7% are naturally blonde. Tough whites are more common in northern and central Europe. In Nordic countries, Baltic countries, England, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine etc.

What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair

What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair

Because hair is blonde / blue and we all live in most countries of the world, USA, Caa, Australia and possibly other places, these factors help prevent it from becoming the dominant color in the world. So there are whites all over the world. I'm sure the benefits of blonde / blue hair that you can suggest are definitely not real. This idea is my family's inner journey. Her hair is blonde / blue and she was born in Poland and had a new princess in occupied Poland during WWII. Her older sister, a teenager of the same skin, was forcibly taken to Germany to work as an artist. If Germany had been replaced by such a special or advanced exercise, or if my aunt felt that it was replaced by such a special or advanced human exercise, she would probably have stayed in Germany at the end of World War II. Instead, he came to the United States as a conductor and later gave birth to him, my mother and my brothers.

I understand why you say that 1/6 of people have blonde hair and that's 24%. These two factions are not the same. Also, you don't have to be a platinum blonde to be a blonde.

And Avatar's hair has only 4 colors, so those who claim platinum blonde make the closest choice.

All I know is that my whole family is through aunts / uncles / cousins ​​/ direct / and previous generations. We are from Denmark and in this hair we are all golden and blue. We also have melanoma and glaucoma, so don't think we're lucky.

What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair

What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair

Impossible statistics are provided because our hair and eye colors are not formally classified as r-th, so any statistics you find are based on generality.

Many people look beautiful with their hair, but not all of them are beautiful with blonde hair.

What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair

What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair

What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair

I think blonde hair is better, but brother's hair can be great. The hair never really existed. This is just a very boring little flattering statement. Blonde hair looks best with bright blue eyes.

I don't know but I have, natural platinum blonde and blue eyes. :)

What Percent Of The World Has Blonde Hair