What Makes DrChrono EHR an Excellent Choice for Small Practices

What is an EHR?

The term EHR stands for Electronic Health Records, which as the name suggests has to do with health records of patients related to a medical practice. These software are all designed to make things easier at a medical practice. While the name might give you a reductive idea of what a medical EHR software is, you should know that these days these software do a lot more than just maintain medical records. These days EHRs are incharge of billing and practice management software. A great example of an EHR is DrChrono EHR Software which has DrChrono billing and practice management. While there are a lot of software out there, not all of them are suitable for all kinds of practices. If you have a small practice, you should make sure to get an EHR which caters specifically to a smaller practice and its needs.

Why DrChrono is Great for Small Practices

DrChrono pricing might seem steep if you are a small set up but rest assured it is worth the money for any small practice. So if you are curious about how this software could help your practice and whether the DrChrono price is worth it for you, keep on reading.


One of the biggest perks of having an EHR software or DrChrono EHR in particular is the fact that it helps you reduce and almost finish your use of paper. This means that you do not have to use the same amount of paper as you did before for patient information, appointments and more. This not only helps you reduce your costs and expenses in purchasing stationary and other supplies but also helps you become more efficient since losing paperwork is no longer an issue for anyone. DrChrono EHR pricing honestly is made up in no time at all with the amount of money you save on paperwork. As a small practice cutting corners is very important and you always need to be sure how you will save money so you can do better financially and this is a great way for you to be able to do so.


Another very important aspect of having a small practice is the amount of work you have to do yourself. This includes charting and other things related to keeping patient information. In a small practice, all hands are on deck and you cannot exactly afford a huge staff who does your charting for you and compiles information in the way you hope it would be presented. This feature makes up for the pricing of DrChrono because of how much it saves you in terms of paying people money to do the same task. Not only does DrChrono digitize this process for you, it also helps you in making it cheaper for you to do.

Customer Support

Another thing any small practice needs is to know that their complaints and queries are heard and answered. A lot of DrChrono reviews talk about how the software is great in terms of having great customer support since it always helps to know if you need it. The company behind this software ensures that you have adequate customer support at all times and that you get to report issues and also get to make suggestions which are noted and catered to in future versions of the software.

Revenue Cycle Management

If you are a small practice you are probably always worried about your finances. Since a small practice also has to sustain itself, you should be aware of what your financial situation is like and what the projected situation will be like. DrChrono reviews talk about how the DrChrono billing is a great tool for you to be able to manage your billing and also be aware of all the expected income from patient payments. At the end of the day, this software makes things a lot easier all around and also keeps you in the know about your financial health which can makes things and plans a lot easier for a small practice.

Patient Documentation

Arguably the most important aspect of any software catering to a medical practice is the patients themselves. And having a proper extensive patient history is important. With DrChrono EMR you are able to have patients fill out those forms themselves so their medical history is self reported and has lower chances of being incorrect and hence can help you treat them in a better way.

Should you Invest Money in this Software

So now you are probably wondering whether the DrChrono EHR Pricing is worth it. While we have outlined the various features this software has above as well as how these features are beneficial to a small practice, at the end of the day it is up to you.


What we do suggest is that you make a list of all the features you think a software should have and then search for it in the software you end up choosing.

This means that you will need to list the features you ideally want and then cross reference them with the software that you are considering to see if the features match. This will help you choose a software which is most likely to serve you best. Alternatively, you can also consider talking to a consultant who can recommend something to you.

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