What Level Does Pidgey Evolve

What Level Does Pidgey Evolve

At what stage does the Pokemon Civil Silver Pad develop?

As people have told me, it progresses to the level of 18.

Was there any immortality, like an immortal stone, to hinder its development?

Or does it increase when you press B? Because it also prevents them from further development.

Or if he gets up and passes (all in one fight), he can't progress either.

For example, this is one of them.

pid You can find everlasting stones. I heard.

Otherwise this game has been hacked or ...

If your PID changes, press B.

Request lvl 18> Page. Peugeot lvl 36> Peugeot

Make sure your dad doesn't do anything to stop him from interfering. Also, pressing B will prevent Pokemon from interfering. So if you need to intervene, press b. If you check all of these things, your pad will probably include a pegto (which should be at the level of 18). Then join the page at level 36

The pad is made up to the level of 18 and the padotto to the level of 36.

18 and 36.

When he turns 19, he's a pagoda.

18. Your pid is broken hahaha, it looks like: PIDDURRRR

What Level Does Pidgey Evolve