What Language Do They Speak In The Netherlands

What Language Do They Speak In The Netherlands

What language do they speak in the Netherlands?

Officially, one speaks Dutch or Frisian (only in Frisland, the northernmost province). In addition to the official standard Dutch, the Dutch understand many dialects that can be so different from one another that they actually despise talking to Dutch citizens so that people can understand them. Almost all of them have a dialect or, which usually has a name. Dialects also appear by the name of the province of the same province (Bents, Lamborghini, Groningen, etc.).

In addition, the Netherlands, the center of many European trade routes and surrounded by Britain, Germany and Belgium, spoke some English and often German or French.

Well, they speak Dutch. Somehow they call it Dutch in English ?!

The name of the country is Holland, with the word added. If that word does not exist, it becomes the Netherlands, which means the Netherlands, which is one of the other countries in the Netherlands, such as Luxembourg or Belgium, not the name of the country called the Netherlands. In Dutch, Netherlands = Dutch, Netherlands = Netherlands.

Land is not the name of a country. You have a land tunnel in New York that mistakenly calls the country the Netherlands. Two of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands are named: Northern Netherlands and Southern Netherlands.

The Dutch word comes from the German word for German a little bit through German.

What Language Do They Speak In The Netherlands