What Kind Of Gum Can You Chew With Braces

What Kind Of Gum Can You Chew With Braces

What gum can I chew with it? 3

I bought this gum on Tuesday and the dentist said I can't chew gum, but all my friends say some people are fine, so whatever you have or have, can you chew some kind of gum Are there

Never chew gum or any other type of gum. It is very hard and will get stuck in it. Generally, sugar-free varieties are not too hard and sweet and you can try them for a while. Sometimes, eating out is good, so you don't have food inside.

If I were you, I wouldn't chew gum. I have a basket and gum and sometimes it gets stuck in the metal. It's hard to go out, but if you want to take a chance and it's time to clean up / get up, go ahead.

Oh I hate it, you shouldn't chew gum. But sometimes gum without sugar is good. I asked my dentist and he said sugar free gum is best without gum. But enough to chew soft food for 1 week.

Don't chew the ■■■■ or anything like that. You may remember a bite. You can chew things like steroids ... candy without sugar.

They can chew everything I make and I have eaten them for a year. Be careful if they get strong, it's boring tea, but it doesn't take long to come out. You can also eat most of the food, take care of apples and pork: P x

What Kind Of Gum Can You Chew With Braces