What Kind Of Dog Is Odie

What Kind Of Dog Is Odie

What kind of dog do you want? 3


In comics

It should have been a Beagle, but it's a Dutch action in a live action movie. This is a great article!

Or is it a fictional character from the Jim Davis Garfield comic book? He has also appeared in Garfield & Friends, two live action movies, and two computer-generated movies.

This is a cute but yellow beagle with brood. It was played by Dutch Shend in a live action movie based on the Garfield franchise. In the August 26, 2007 comic, Garfield describes Os's breed as the Clo breed after trying to determine which breed of dog used O in the books. [1]

Or looking bigger and helpless in general. More recently, starting in 2000, you have seen him walk on two legs instead of four, like Garfield.

In television series, the appearance of the bones is usually heard with the sound of the horn of bravery.

A mixture Your mother is a beagle and your mother is a brick.

Doctor dog

Add: In movies or comics? The comic book has not been decided yet. In the movie, he is a hard-haired Dutchman.

What Kind Of Dog Is Odie